Monobloc Units

Monobloc air conditioners

Monobloc air con systems include two sets of coils, which are located in the same body shell. These units are usually placed inside buildings and normally come with air pipes linked to external; areas, which allows heated air to be sent outside. The MCM350 monobloc unit from Broughton EAP comes with a range of features and is able to provide over 10kW of chilled air. An optional High-Pressure Airbox enables cooling for various different areas of up to 30m apart, whilst the exhaust ducting in the system can be extended up to 10M. The system has a 21⁰C-38⁰C operating range, thermostat, 3-speed fan control and is A-rated for efficiency. It also comes complete with a 2-year warranty as standard.

What do Monobloc systems do?

Monobloc systems take their name from the way they are one single unit, as opposed to a split system which comes in two separate parts. They can be portable or fixed and are often used as backup air con where space is limited. Monobloc air con units are amongst our most popular portable air conditioning products, and you can contact us at any point to learn more about the air con solutions that we offer. Our Monobloc units don’t require an external condenser as that has to be wall-mounted outside your building.

Pioneering air con systems

At Broughton EAP, we have an excellent reputation when it comes to manufacturing and supplying modern air con systems. We have been in the business for decades and are able to provide dependable, affordable air con solutions to meet the needs of modern customers. All our products are examples of first-class British engineering and manufacturing and are built to stand the test of time.

Catering for your needs

We are also well-known for our commercial dehumidifiers, warehouse fans and ventilation solutions. We know that no two clients’ needs are ever exactly the same, which is why we welcome you to contact us to discuss your requirements, so we can help you identify the perfect climate control or air conditioning solution for your specific circumstances. We are market-leaders when it comes to energy efficiency and can provide ERP-compliant systems with innovative EC fans and A* efficiency ratings.

The latest EC technology

Our MCM230 and 280 monobloc unit utilise the latest EC fan technology to help keep noise to a minimum whilst offering maximum efficiency. They can both provide chilled air to multiple areas simultaneously and offer a range of features including variable fan speed and a thermostatic control (MCM280). As with the MCM350, these units offer are an effective solution particularly well suited to data centres, events, retail environments and offices.

Getting in touch

Why wait any longer to get in touch to learn more about our monobloc units? We are passionate about providing the most useful and accurate advice possible and are only happy when you have the right low maintenance, high-performance system for your requirements. We can direct you towards the best system for your needs. Just call +44(0)1527 830610 or send an e-mail to to find out more. Alternatively, use the contact form on our website. Why not find out more about our solutions today?