The Benefits to Using a Dehumidifier

With over 40 years experience in the design, manufacture and supply of portable dehumidifiers we’ve been asked just about everything possible, from can it pump water out of my cellar to will it hold 5% RH to protect this ancient manuscript we’ve had to find out the answers. These days although we specialise in industrial dehumidifiers we still field the occasional domestic enquiry, so whilst not generally something we get involved in we thought we’d dedicate a little section on the website to how a commercial dehumidifier or domestic dehumidifier can help with things like allergies.

Allergies can make life miserable, and those of us unlucky enough to suffer need no reminding just how bad they can make things. Did you know though that a humid climate can make them worse? This is because a high relative humidity level (more commonly known as RH level) provides an ideal climate for common allergens such as mould, mildew, bacteria and especially dust mites, to proliferate.

With this in mind you can see why it might therefore be helpful to have a dehumidifier about to help relieve the suffering somewhat. Not only will can they help with nuisance condensation by the could also alleviate some of the more irritating symptoms of an allergy.

Thriving in a high RH environment.

If you’ve got a warm, humid home then you’re probably providing the ideal environment for many of the most common allergy triggers; mould, mildew and especially dust mites love a humid habitat. Here in the UK with our seasonal climate allergies tend to get worse in the warmer months however if you live somewhere with limited ventilation then it might be an issue all year round. Basement apartments, 60’s high rises or even older properties that were built without much thought being given to ventilation can all be problematic, especially with mould and mildew.
In short, if you find yourself suffering from a stuffy nose, itchy or watery eyes, sneezing, wheezing, a tight chest or skin rashes then the chances are you’re allergic to one of these unpleasant but common substances.

Mold allergies are also a big contributor to childhood asthma, which can be a debilitating and life long illness for those who develop it.
So, if you’re concerned about any of this then you might well be interested in a dehumidifier to help alleviate your symptoms. With that in mind let’s have a look at how they might help.

Benefits to using a dehumidifier

So you’ve got an allergy and you want something to help reduce the irritations associated with them? Whether it’s at home, in the office or workplace here’s a few of the areas why a dehumidifier could help:

    1. They can help bring down the humidity levels, which will make an environment less hospitable or less appealing to many of the most common allergens such as dust mites, mould, and mildew.
    2. Many dehumidifiers are designed to run unobtrusively and you can find models specifically designed for the home, office or even more industrial settings such as factories or garages.
    3. Damp and mould have a distinctive smell. A musty odour that we all somehow know but aren’t quiet sure where from… Well a dehumidifier can help eliminate that smell.
    4. If you store something that is susceptible to mould or mildew then a dehumidifier will reduce the risk of it developing. Not only does that lower the risk of an allergic reaction it also helps prolong the life of your goods.
    5. A drier environment can help reduce the causes of allergies, so a dehumidifier should help keep the itchy eyes and blocked noses to a minimum, helping you breathe more easily and feel more comfortable.
    6. Run a shop or want to use a dehumidifier at home? Well, not only can they help reduce many of the primary allergens but less humidity means if you’ve got clothing, food stuffs like breads and cereals they can remain fresh longer without getting stale, it’ll also help control the risk of rust or corrosion on things like computer equipment and tools and even help protect electronics.
    7. Some manufactures even claim running a dehumidifier helps reduce dust, so you won’t have to clean as often.
    8. If you’ve got a fixed air conditioning system then a dehumidifier can help lower energy costs as the drier air can actually increase the efficiency of it. Running AC in a humid environment will see the AC remove more latent heat from the air, making work harder and produce more condensate, putting greater strain on the system and possibly leading to greater breakdown frequency.

Signs you might need a dehumidifier

Alongside the itchy eyes, skin irritation and constant wheezing that hint at an allergy that could be helped by a dehumidifier there are several other things one might help with…

Got a damp patch in the bathroom? How about at the top of the stairs or around a bedroom window? A dehumidifier could help stop it becoming a problem. Live in a property with poor ventilation, especially in the bathroom or kitchen? Yep, a dehumidifier could come in handy. Likewise if you notice the little black spots that are a dead giveaway you’ve got mildew. Oh, and don’t forget they’ll also bring that awful musty smell under control if you’ve got an issue with dampness.

You might want to consider a dehumidifier anyway, with their ability to help reduce both allergens in and excess condensation in the home or business then they’re a useful tool to have about the. If nothing else they’ll help you get the washing dry without having to turn on the tumble drier. If you live in an older flat, or perhaps an old property that’s been converted into multiple maisonettes then it might well be worth investing in a portable dehumidifier as a preventative measure as these building might not have been made with modern ventilation requirements in mind.

Choosing a Dehumidifier

As with anything these days there are any number of options when it comes to choosing a dehumidifier. Here at Broughton EAP we specialise in the small to mid range of commercial dehumidifiers, so metal cases, no bucket and dual voltage and 40-70L extraction rates. Now, although you wouldn’t exactly find them in the Dyson or Smeg ranges, that’s not what they’re for and they are good, reliable performers ideal for use on building sites, in industrial applications or commercial settings.

Other dehumidifiers are available to help with moisture control and range from whole house units, specialist swimming pool models all the way down to smaller capacity models ideal for single rooms or basements. Depending on your requirement you could also probably find units with pollen filters or even a built in ioniser.

Getting a dehumidifier can help you live a healthier, happier life, so if you are suffering from allergies and other symptoms, the answer to the question of whether you should own a dehumidifier is probably yes. Find out more about the different models and options available, and see which one will fit your budget and help you get clean, healthy air in your home.

For full details on our CR range of portable site dehumidifiers, including dual voltage dehumidifiers please browse our website or call 01527 830610 and speak to a member of our expert team.