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Broughton EAP is a leading manufacturer and supplier of portable air conditioning, dehumidifiers, fans and electric heating systems, designing, manufacturing and supplying a wide range of electro-air products for modern needs. The company is one of the most long-standing of its type in Europe and we have more than three decades of experience to draw upon. Our range is one of the most diverse and respected on the market. We are based in Redditch, a Midlands town whose manufacturing history stretches back to the 16th century.

We design and manufacture portable air conditioning, dehumidifiers, fans and electric heating equipment for customers across the world. We are able to tailor our products for each region they are used in and also offer a quality after sales service, with spare parts always being available and engineers always happy to assist you with any issues you might experience.

Our website features a number of case studies related to the Design and Build service that we offer. We also report on a range of interesting developments via our blog, discussing bespoke builds, product launches and much more. We were the first to introduce the 10kW 13A air conditioner to the market and are also noted for our use of high-efficiency EC fans, always evolving our offerings to meet the changing requirements of the modern world. We have designed and built environmental control units for use in Iraq and Afghanistan and have developed portable heaters capable of generating over 100kW of heat for giant Eon power station turbines. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable products in our catalogue right now.

Evaporative Coolers

A leading part of our Mighty Cool range is the Comcool 52 Evaporative Cooler. This product is ideal for use in a host of environments, including large open spaces, nightclubs, factories, gyms, schools and colleges, shops and restaurants, events and exhibitions plus many more.

The Comcool is a large volume, heavy duty evaporative cooler which uses water instead of refrigerant to cool air and can be fed directly from a tap or through the internal 90l tank. The product is particularly suited to warehouses and similar large open areas where more traditional cooling systems are just not practical. The Comcool comes with a water filter, locking castors, a tank purge system and powerful pump.
Mighty Cool products such as the Comcool Evaporative Cooler offer A* efficiency ratings, ErP compliance and EC fans.In addition to the Comcool Evaporative industrial cooler, which can produce the equivalent of 20kW from as little as 2A, the Mighty Cool range also features traditional refrigerant based portable air conditioners including water cooled splits and monoblocunits with cooling duties from 6.4-14.6kW.

Portable Air Conditioner Units

Our range of portable air conditioner units includes the MCM230, MCM280 and MCM350. These versatile cooling solutions include the latest EC fan technology to heighten efficiency and minimise noise. Ranging from the 6.7kW MCM230 all the up to the MCM350, which delivers more than 10kW of chilled air. We can provide solutions for data centres, retail, process cooling, offices and more.

Water cooled split air conditioners

Our MCWS250, MCWS500 and MCWS220 range of portable water cooled split air conditioners offer fantastically efficient and effective portable air conditioning. The system uses water rather than air to remove heat, preventing the derating effect of the condensors found in traditional air con systems. The units can deliver 6.4kW, 7.3kW or 14.6kW of chilled air, whilst the main unit can be sited up to 30M from the outdoor section allowing for easier exhaust of warm air to atmosphere. The range comes complete with 5M umbilical lines as standard although additional lengths are available on request that allow this to be extended up to 30M.
The brand new MCWS220 combines all the benefits of the water cooled split system and the compact dimensions offered by the MCM230. The unit is designed to provide comfort in the tightest spots and, as with the 250 and 500 models, uses water rather than air to remove heat and deliver 6.4kW of chilled air. The unit can be located up to 30M from the outdoor section.
These products are ideal for events and data centres, with the reduced footprint delivering greater access in tight spaces.

Industrial dehumidifiers

At Broughton EAP, we offer a range of dehumidifiers, such as Mighty Dry Industrial Dehumidifiers, suitable for use in a host of industrial and commercial applications. Our products are used in building sites, after floods and fire damage, for the storage of sensitive materials, in data centres and many other environments. The unique compact design mean the CR range is ideal for maximising storage and transport space while the large extraction rates mean these versatile units are frequently used both in flood restoration projects and on construction sites. The CR dehumidifiers are made from highly durable steel cases complete with easy to clean drip trays and are designed with daily site use and abuse in mind. Our largest dehumidifier, the CR170, is a large volume portable drying solution capable of extracting up to 170l/24hrs, as with the rest of the range it is particularly well suited to various industrial applications.

Portable electric water boiler

Our Mighty Heat range includes several portable electric water boilers for heating maintenance, central heating disruptions, underfloor heating installations, events, temporary buildings, care homes, schools, factories and more. The WB22 is a fully portable 22kW boiler and is ideal for drying concrete floors and testing underfloor heating while the HPW units are perfect for supplying hot water and central heating. Both HPW machines come with afully programmable digital control and can be used with either 400V 32A or 63A 3ph supplies.

Air handling units

Our air handling units are specifically designed to meet the needs of customers and clients with space constraints. The units are frequently used in server rooms, data centres, large storage facilities and in temporary structures allowing customers to minimise their floor space requirements. Both of the units in the range have vastly reduced footprints when compared to traditional AHU’s and are compact enough to fit through standard doorways. They also come complete with ErP compliant fans to deliver heightened energy efficiency, meeting and even surpassing today’s demands. Features included as standard include thermostatic control, three-way valves and condensate pumps. The AHU30 offers 30kW of cooling, with the AHU50 delivering up to 50kW. Multiple speed fans and thermostatic controls allow users to tailor performance towards their specific requirements.

Industrial Electric Space Heaters

Our Fireflo range of portable infrared space heaters and fan heaters is tailored towards the needs of hire fleets and industrial/commercial applications around the world, including workshops. The products feature the latest innovative heating and airflow technology, with the range including infrared heaters, standard fan heaters and high volume machines, with options that enable ducting via long distances and multiple outlets also available to enable heating several area’s from one heater. We are able to offer units to suit all applications, providing safe, fume-free alternatives to diesel and gas. The range includes the numerous outputs from 1.6kW-110kW and 110V, 230V and 400V 3ph options.

When it comes to Commercial Electric Space Heaters, we lead the way. Our Fireflo infrared space and fan heaters are ideal for hire fleets and industrial supply catalogues. We provide a range of electric space heating solutions from infrared heaters and standard fan heaters to high volume machines. All products are designed to withstand heavy industrial use and ideal for those seeking alternatives to gas and diesel. With everything from simple fan heaters all the way up to our 110kW heavy industrial units, the range has something to suit every application. This includes the benchmark setting FF12 and FF23, units designed to fuse the cost-efficiency of Chinese imports with the build quality of leading German products.

As part of the heavy industrial range, the FF42 is the most powerful and dependable 63A heater on the market. The unit is designed for heavy industrial use and comes complete with features including a 24V control circuit for safety, variable heat output, a spigot, a remote thermostat socket and over temperature protection. The system also comes with a powerful forward curved impeller that can providing heat along 30m of ducting, and is suitable for most industrial and commercial applications.

Carbon Fibre Quartz Electric Heater RG308 Range

The RG308/13, RG308/16 and RG308/32 infra-red heaters offer localised heat for operatives and processes where traditional heating isn’t an option. What separates infra-red heaters from other types of heater is that they only heat solid objects not the air, which means they are ideal for keeping staff warm in large open spaces such as storage warehouse. Each unit in the range runs from standard sockets and the RG308/16 comes complete with carbon fibre filaments, which deliver outstanding resilience as well as a reduced glow, while all the units have two heat settings. All products are noted for the exceptional build quality and are designed to meet the needs of construction firms, hire companies, procurement managers, facility managers and wholesalers as well as offices, warehouses, schools, building sites and temporary buildings.
The RG908/16 offers 9kW of localised infra redheat for situations where traditional heat is not available or suitable. The product runs from a standard 400V 16A supply and comes complete with carbon fibre filaments to deliver heightened resilience as well as a reduced glow and two heat settings. The unit also offers various safety features such as its lockable castor wheels and anti-tilt safety cut out. This unit is ideal for warehouses, factories, schools, halls, building sites and temporary buildings.

Portable Electric Event Heater FFVH3

The FFVH3 is a robust 230v heater ideal for use at events and in various other environments. The unit boasts the latest EC fan technology and offers a dynamic forward curved impeller, providing warm air at vast speeds. The plenum design allows for maximum heat transfer, with the 1.2mm steel body and oven-hardened finish enabling it to continue performing efficiently after years of daily use. With features including a recessed switch panel, thermostatic control and over temperature safety cut outs making this solution one of the most sought-after in its field. The product is frequently found in offices, schools, halls, events, temporary buildings and marquees.

Portable Electric Event Heater FFVH29 Range

The FFVH29 belongs to the Fireflo event specialist heater range alongside the FFVH3. It is a high-spec offering noted for its robust build quality and conveniently adjustable thermostats and over temperature protection, while it. The product is the perfect match for events that require a dependable heating solution.
As with the FFVH3, the FFVH29 is designed to stand unobtrusively on the sidelines of an event while it delivers 18kW of heat via two powerful forward curved impellars.

Industrial Cooling Fans

Our industrial man coolers offer vast amounts of air movement, meeting all your cooling and ventilation requirements. The Mighty Breeze range of fans include a robust ABS plastic body for heightened impact resistance and are noted for their stylish looks. The fans are available as 110V or 230V units, with the three fan speeds providing all the flexibility our customers require. The range consists of the MB30, MB50 and the MB2000, our most powerful fan. The MB2000 can generate 14,400m3/hr at 480pa and features a highly convenient directional head and tough steel construction.

Industrial Ventilation Fans

Our VFK industrial ventilation fansventilation fans are designed to meet the requirements attached to the most demanding of applications. Each fan is manufactured from materials of the highest grade and is able to meet the requirements of oil refineries, shipyards, mining and tunnelling. The fans are frequently used in large factories and power stations, extracting dangerous fumes and dust particles in areas where space is limited. They can also be used with boilers and chillers to deliver hot and cold air in large areas. The fans are noted for their vast airflows and high pressure generation. Owners can use the fans with up to 40m of ducting, which removes the requirement for several small fans.

Portable fume extractors

We design, manufacture and supply a wide range of portable fume extractors for removing fumes from welding bays, tunnels, warehouses, chemical labs, basements or anywhere where our customers might be faced with challenging fumes. Our extractors are ideal for the vast majority of everyday commercial and industrial applications, with customers frequently including construction firms, chemical companies, facility management teams, procurement managers, powder coaters, wholesalers and retailers. Our VF industrial extractor fans feature tough 1.5mm steel bodies, aluminium housed motors for outstanding heat dissipation and sickle bladed fans that maximise airflow alongside pressure, allowing for 20M of ducting. We have systems in 110V and 230V, with outputs up to 14,400m3/hr. We can also provide durable plastic coated ducting in 10M lengths.

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You can get in touch with us at any point if you do have any queries about any of the portable HVAC solutions available in our range. More and more discerning customers are choosing us over the competition when they require robust, state-of-the-art solutions for heating and cooling. We manufacture products right here in England and distribute them worldwide.

With more than 30 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing climate control and HVAC equipment, we can be counted on to provide you with the high-performance, high quality solutions that you require. At Broughton EAP, we always go the extra mile to provide innovative products that build upon our existing offerings and meet the needs of all our customers and clients.
And with the knowledge and experience that comes with almost four decades of production, then we know what we’re talking about and what the industry needs.

For more information about the solutions that we provide, call us on +44-(0)1527 830610 or send an e-mail to You can also reach us by using the contact form on our website. Why not contact us today to learn more about our industrial heating and cooling solutions? We are waiting to hear from you right now.