Electro Air Specialists
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With the experience and expertise we have built up over the last 3 decades of refrigeration engineering Broughton have an enviable contract manufacturing history and have worked with a number of high profile companies in solving their supply problems.  Companies and establishments such as M.O.D, Andrews Sykes and Coca Cola have all used our Research and Development facilities to design and build bespoke products:


Here we helped develop a complete environmental control unit for use with Armed Rapid Response Corp’s Alaskan Shelters, which make up the regional headquarters in Afghanistan and Iraq, amongst other things.

The brief was for a stand alone single unit to keep troops and support staff comfortable in a temperature range of -40ºC to +55ºC and be easily maintainable.  The units also had to be light enough for air transportation and tough enough to withstand being parachuted out of a Hercules.

The ECU can now be found operating throughout the Middle East’s best known hotspots!


Andrews Sykes

The range of FastVent® ventilators is renowned across the continent as the premium range on the market.

Whereas Broughton may not be able to claim any part of the original concept it is our exacting manufacturing standards and reliability that Andrews Sykes have turned to again and again to help them retain their name for quality.


Wickes DIY

Originally designed for the athletes’ village at the Sydney Olympics the H.A.C (House Air Conditioning) System is a completely self contained air conditioning unit which can cool upto four rooms at once. Sized to fit through a standard loft hatch it can be installed without the need for refrigeration engineers, runs from a 13a supply and has almost silent operation which makes it ideal for bedrooms.

Picked up by Wickes for its summer 06 range due to it being ideal for DIY enthusiasts and electrical engineers where it flew off the shelves, the H.A.C system is a superb example of Broughton’s innovative thinking and abilities as a manufacturer.