With the best part of 40 years experience in the design, development and manufacture of portable HVAC equipment Broughton EAP Ltd is able to offer the kind of cost effective high performance solutions demanded by modern industry. Our customers can expect products built and designed to the kind of exacting specifications associated with traditional British engineering and manufacturing, products that deliver precision, efficiency, innovation and long term reliability.

By keeping our extensive range under constant review together with an unrivalled commitment to research and development our solutions remain compliant, relevant and at the forefront of the HVAC choices available for today’s most demanding applications.

Initially designed and built for the Hire Industry the Mighty Cool, Mighty Breeze, CR and Fireflo ranges are all made to withstand the rigours of regular transportation and day to day site use everywhere from a high street shop or bank to power station or mine. Not only does this inherent toughness and resilience give users confidence in their reliability but it also helps minimise downtime due to damage.

Although primarily a manufacturer there are instances where we supplement our product range with complimentary equipment. In these cases we partner with industry leading companies to offer unique, highly engineered equipment that is produced exclusively for Broughton EAP Ltd by trusted companies, is made to the highest possible specifications and regularly tested to ensure suitability and compliance. We can also assure clients that you won’t find the same products anywhere else with a different badge on it, so if it’s got our name on it you can be sure you have the very best available.

From our factories in the traditional British manufacturing heartlands of Redditch and Stoke on Trent our extensive range of portable climate solutions, including portable air conditioning units, industrial fan heaters, cooling fans, ventilation fans, industrial dehumidifiers, air handling units and hot water packages are distributed worldwide. Plus, in addition to this comprehensive standard range we can also offer a bespoke design and manufacture service to meet the individual needs of unique or unusual applications that can’t be done using off the shelf equipment from elsewhere.

The Product Range:

Mighty Cool: Our industrial portable air conditioning range is rugged, reliable and promises industry leading performance with cooling duties from 6.4kW to 15kW. Made from high grade steel with an oven hardened finish these units are not only built to last but, thanks to the pioneering use of EC fans, offer technological innovation and future proofing against further ErP legislation.

Mighty Heat & Fire Flo: These powerful industrial fan heaters and infra red heaters offer a full range of dedicated solutions from high performance ductable units and specialist event heaters, to more cost effective traditional style heaters. With outputs ranging from 1.5kW up to 110kW there is a full spectrum of options for 110V equipment, 230V and 400V supplies, including 110V 16A. With this kind of comprehensive range we can offer a heater for every application from a one person office all the way up to heavy industry plants.

Mighty Breeze: Europe’s number one range of man cooler fans are available in either 110V or 230V and can be used everywhere from shops, marquees and museums to large logistics warehouses. With high volume airflow’s, tough ABS plastic bodies and variable speeds Mighty Breeze fans are much more effective than drum fans yet don’t look out of place in more white collar situations.

VF and VFK fans: From small, easily portable ventilation fans that can be ducted up to 20M and are ideal for general day to day ventilation purposes , to the super industrial VFK range that can move huge volumes of air, up to 32,400 M3/hr at 1000 pa. Including 110V, 230V and 400V units this extensive range can be used for everything from a portable welding fume extractor to large scale ventilation applications.

AHU: A completely unique range of air handling/fan coil units designed for use in tight spaces such as data centres or pharmaceutical storage. These compact units allow single person installation and/or access to area’s previously inaccessible due to the sheer size of traditional 30 or 50kW air handling units. Steel bodied for resilience and longevity the AHU30 and AHU50 can be plumbed directly onto existing plant for either cooling or heating.

WB Portable Hot Water Packages: Mounted on their own trolleys these fully portable electric hot water packages or boilers can be used to bring central heating and hot water into temporary structures such as marquees or provide cover during breakdown or maintenance. Available in either 22kW or 40kW outputs these versatile boilers are also ideal for testing underfloor heating systems and screed curing.

CR Dehumidifiers: Our range of dual voltage industrial dehumidifiers were originally designed with one of the worlds leading disaster restoration companies, these heavy duty dehumidifiers are ideal for hire companies, construction sites and all general drying applications. Compact in size yet with large extraction rates they are built to tackle a number of common issues, such as maximising space in vans or storage, while the problem of ‘clogging’ is dealt with by the easy clean pop out drip trays. Available in both dual voltage and 230V the CR dehumidifiers are ideal for use on site, in the warehouse or even drying out flood damaged homes.

As a UK based manufacturer we’re perfectly placed to offer equipment tailored to the unique requirements of European industry, everything we produce conforms to the latest ErP regulations, comes with the appropriate plug for the territory and is built to withstand years of heavy use. We also recognise the importance of having fully serviceable equipment with easy to replace components and can promise full spare parts availability, technical back up and an industry leading 2 year warranty.

For further information and details please contact us on +44-(0)1527- 830610 or via email today.