Charles Darwin once said “It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent.  It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”  This statement also holds true in industry and here at Broughton EAP we’ve always adapted to what the market wants.  From the introduction of the world’s first 10kW 13A air conditioner to pioneering the use of high efficiency EC fans, our range has always evolved to meet the ever changing demands of the modern market place.

With a 30 year history in the design, development and manufacture of portable heating, cooling, drying and ventilation equipment our origins can be traced back through specialist weapons testing all the way to the original introduction of dehumidifiers and portable cooling equipment to the UK during the 1970’s.

Along the way our reputation for high quality and constant innovation has allowed us to get involved in a lot of challenging and exciting projects for everyone from the M.O.D to the Bugatti Owners Club.  From single total environmental control units for use in Afghanistan and Iraq (where daytime temperatures can reach 50ºC while at night they can plummet to -10ºC) that keeps troops cool during the day and warm at night, to a system for keeping blood samples cool during research into Diabetes.   The most recent project was a portable heater capable of generating 100+kw of heat and a 100ºC rise in a single pass to help start the giant turbines in Eon power stations.

From Isambard Kingdom Brunel to Ross Brawn, the British have given the world some of its greatest and most innovative engineers and engineering.  Now in the face of ever stiffening competition from foreign imports our philosophy is to not only offer traditional British quality at a price that can’t be beaten, but also the service to back it up.