Good Ventilation

Our comprehensive range of portable HVAC equipment includes both cooling fans and ventilation fans. Good ventilation is an essential part of a healthy working environment and our fans can be used for cooling or as extraction, for use with welding or ‘on site’ trades where a fixed ventilation system is not an option. Both the Mighty Breeze and VF fan ranges are portable, highly effective and capable of delivering powerful airflow’s to help with any ventilation worries you might have. These extensive ranges are suitable for trades, retail, warehouses, factories, industrial units and even garages.

The Importance of Good Ventilation

Table showing the recommended number of air changes per hour for different applications based on extensive research by Vent Axia.

Ventilation is critical to workplace comfort. Proper ventilation prevents air pollutants from affecting the health of you and your staff and visitors. Not only that, having good airflow in your office or factory can gets rid of any unwanted smells and fumes and alleviate a stuffy environment, something which can hinder productivity. It is also good to have an airflow that is uninterrupted, as anything blocking the air flow in your workplace could possibly cause damage to both your premises and compromise health and safety policy.

One of the reasons good ventilation is so important is because it controls how much moisture builds up in your premises. A good airflow throughout your site will help any wood in your walls, floors, and all the wood anywhere else stay dry and not collect moisture. As we all know, not only can wood rot if continuously exposed to moisture, but mildew or mould can form on just about any surface unless you have adequate ventilation. If you let moisture build up unchecked in any area of your building, it might not only compromise the structural integrity, but it will also cause mould to build up. Mould can have a number of negative effects on the health of you and your staff if exposed to it for a prolonged period of time, and you’re legally obliged to provide a safe working environment as you risk legal action if you don’t.

The long term consequences of mould exposure can be serious, from minor symptoms such as irritation to your nose, throat, and eyes from a short period of exposure, to headaches and even fever for a longer period of time. Prolonged exposure is even more serious still, with possible long term effects to the immune system and aggravation of the existing symptoms for someone who already has an autoimmune disease. Ignore the early warning signs of mould exposure and you might even end up with permanent respiratory system damage or even asthma. However, proper ventilation will ensure you minimise the risk of mould or mildew forming and therefore greatly reduce potential negative health effects.

The three ways most common ways to create good ventilation in your buildings are natural ventilation, spot airflow or a central HVAC system connected to each room via duct-work.

Natural ventilation is where air enters the building through windows, doors, and even cracks and holes in the walls of the structure. If you have an older premises then it’s likely air is getting in even when you have the windows shut.

Spot airflow is when you use exhaust fans, extractor fans, ventilation fans, cooling fans or other forms of pushing air in or out of a building in certain spots. Typically, you might have an exhaust fan above a hob or in the bathroom. Alternatively in more industrial circumstances you might have extraction to deal with fumes during specific processes such as welding bays, spray booths, etc.

A fixed installation HVAC system is usually fitted at point of construction or by dedicated refrigeration engineers if done retrospectively. It will require a site visit to accurately specify the correct airflow’s, heating loads and cooling capacities required for your particular building. The central system will then be installed somewhere (usually on the roof) while the duct-work is run throughout the building to ensure everywhere is covered.

Here at Broughton EAP Ltd we have been manufacturing portable industrial ventilation fans, cooling fans and extractor units for almost 40 years. We offer a range of portable solutions that can help you achieve better airflow and they are ideal for additional cooling during summer, extra ventilation when required or as portable extraction fans for use by trades people such as log burner fitters, welders or joiners. Should you require any further information then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01527 830610 or