Event Cooling Systems

Event cooling systems

At Broughton EAP, we can come to your assistance if you’re in need of dependable and highly efficient event cooling systems. We have been in the business for several decades and can provide the innovative products you need to ensure your events are successful. Our catalogue is home to a wide range of portable air conditioning solutions, with our products keeping event-goers and staff comfortable and happy.

The ideal solutions

The solutions that we provide are ideal for companies and organisations working in hospitality, exhibition centres, studios, temporary structures for parties, film and TV production and many more. We have provided solutions for a huge range of clients over the years and are confident we can deliver the ideal product for your specific requirements. Our products are designed to meet a whole host of needs, and we are only happy when you are totally satisfied with the solutions that we have provided to you.

Find the best solution

No matter how great the performances or talks at your event are, your guests won’t be able to enjoy them to the full if the temperature isn’t quite right. Our portable air conditioning solutions are as robust as they are dependable. We can provide products for events big and small, and have supplied heating and cooling equipment from some of the events industry’s biggest brands.

Constant innovation

Throughout our history, we have constantly evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of climate control. Our Mighty Cool range continues to help customers and clients meet their energy-efficiency targets. The range includes solutions that are wholly compliant with ErP and offer A* efficiency ratings. Choose from water-cooled splits, traditional monoblocs and even an industrial evaporative cooler that can offer the equivalent of 20kW cooling from a mere 2A.

The Mighty Breeze fans

Our Mighty Breeze fans deliver the highest standard of air movement for cooling and ventilation, fusing a stylish appearance with a highly durable ABS plastic body. The fans are available in two different sizes, and there are three separate fan speeds available. The VF industrial extractor fans include features such as aluminium housed motors, 1.5 steel bodies, sickle bladed fans and offer 20M ducting.

Getting in touch

Contact Broughton EAP today for further information about our high-performance event cooling systems. We are always on hand to provide the in-depth advice that you require, and we can talk you through your options in-depth to lead you to the ideal choice for your needs. We have been designing, developing and manufacturing portable heating, cooling, drying and ventilation equipment for over thirty years and have worked on projects for organisations as prestigious as the Ministry of Defence and the Bugatti Owners Club. You can reach us today by sending a message to sales@broughtoneap.co.uk or by calling us on +44(0)1527 830610. You can also reach us by completing the short form on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

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