Hvac Exhibition

What is HVAC?

You most likely have seen the term HVAC before, in reference to industry and commercial buildings. HVAC is the term that covers heating, venting, and air conditioning. HVAC is essentially a catch all term for manipulating the air in a specific room or area. They can be used in office settings, warehouses, and anywhere you want to control the climate.

Why should your exhibition have proper HVAC?

Improved air quality

HVAC exhibition systems allow for a better air quality; they remove humid air from the exhibition room and filters in cool clean air. The air conditioning in an exhibition centre breeds a more comfortable environment and therefore more comfortable attendees.


The people who are using your venue, the exhibitors are looking for a setting that is comfortable and inviting. They are hoping to attract new business from prospective visitors, and they will need to be content and comfortable. HVAC exhibition systems are the best way to ensure this.


As with the exhibitors, guest will also expect a level of comfort. If they feel that the climate is hot, stuffy, and humid, they are less likely to stay. If the guests don’t stay; then the exhibitors are less likely to use your services next time. Investing in air conditioning exhibition systems are a small investment for the potential benefits.

Portable solutions

Setting up the exhibition hall for different trade events means you want to be as flexible and versatile as possible. You can easily invest in a portable air conditioning exhibition unit so you can be as dynamic as possible.

What can Broughton EAP offer to you?

Low GWP portable air conditioners – 14.6kW

The most powerful portable split AC solution on the market today, the Low GWP portable air conditioning unit for exhibition rooms does not require ducting. It can be placed up to 35 metres away from the outside section so you can have it where you need it. The Low Global Warming Potential refrigerant also means it is better for the environment.

Air handling unit – AHU30

The complete all-round solution that is made with space in mind, the AHU30 is 58.5cm x 42.5cm and can be installed with just one operative and a sack truck, as opposed to a forklift. This HVAC can be used for exhibition rooms and delivers 30kW of cooling and 60kW of heating. If you have an existing HVAC system in place, this can work with any chiller or heat pump. It also comes with 3 fan speeds and a thermostat.

Air handling unit – AHU50

Similar to the AHU30, the AHU50 is the bigger and more powerful upgrade. It is larger at 80cm x 42.5cm and can also be installed by a single operative. The main difference is it can output an impressive 50kW of cooling and 100kW of heating. Both units have a condensate pump and run from a 230V 13A supply.

Why choose Broughton EAP?

Broughton EAP has, and always will, put the best solution forward for you. We are constantly innovating to bring better air conditioning exhibition systems, such as lowering the impact some refrigerants have on the ozone layer. If you want assurances that your HVAC for exhibitions will work efficiently and effectively, speak to us today by phone, +44(0)1527 830610, or send a message to sales@broughtoneap.co.uk.