Factory Ventilation Fan

Help is at hand if you require a factory ventilation fan for your business premises. At Broughton EAP, we can come to your assistance if you need to find products to keep your staff comfortable and maintain temperatures efficiently. If you don’t have the right solutions in place, your business can suffer the consequences, with staff becoming too uncomfortable to carry out their duties and machinery even becoming damaged. Factories can be prone to extreme temperatures, and it can be all too easy for them to become unbearably cold or hot. Thankfully, solutions are available from Broughton EAP that will put you firmly in control of workplace temperatures.

Exceptional performance

Our VFK Industrial Ventilation Fans are ideal for factories as well as shipyards, power stations, construction sites and more. The 1000 pa High Performance Industrial Ventilation Fan is a Frame mounted industrial ventilation unit that comes complete with forklift skids and lifting eyes, offering an air delivery between 8,500 to 32,400 M³/hr at 1000 Pascals. The fan is noted for its outstanding build quality, high performance and vast pressure generation, which makes it the perfect match for large scale ventilation applications. The product can also be used to extract dust and fumes. It’s also possible to add long lengths of ducting to the fans.

Up to 40m of ducting

The products in the VFK range are designed to withstand everything heavy industry can throw at them. They can also be used with products like boilers and chillers to send hot or cold air over large areas. When you invest in this solution, you no longer need to depend on multiple small fans. The fans can be used with up to 40m of ducting and come with a 2-year warranty and technical support. Spare parts are always available for the fan, which is manufactured in the UK.

Market-leading solutions

At Broughton EAP, we are waiting to hear from you right now if you do have any queries about our factory ventilation fans. We have decades of experience to draw upon and always endeavour to design and manufacture our solutions to the highest standards. We are a market-leading source for industrial portable air conditioning solutions, commercial dehumidifiers, warehouse fans and ventilation, air handling units, boilers and heaters. You can get in touch with us at any point to find out more about the various products that we offer.

Contact Broughton today

Broughton EAP is based in the manufacturing heartland of Redditch. Our heating and cooling equipment is purchased by clients across the world. As we are a manufacturer as well as a supplier, we are able to create tailored products that meet the needs of our UK and international clients perfectly. Our after sales service is second-to-none, and we don’t simply walk away once we have provided you with your heating, cooling or ventilation solution. An engineer is only ever just a phone call away, with spare parts always being available to you. To find out more, simply give us a call on +44(0)1527 830610 or send a message to sales@broughtoneap.co.uk today.