Hotel Air Conditioning

With the ability of review sites like TripAdvisor to make or break a business, ensuring your hotel guests are comfortable is not only good practice, it’s sound commercial sense. A hotel that is stiflingly warm, or too cold is often given as the reason for a poor review. Get too many of them and your business may start to suffer.

Why hotels need air conditioning

Getting the air conditioning right in your hotel is an absolute necessity. Whether your guests are staying for the night, a weekend, or a fortnight, they will expect a certain level of comfort. A good temperature for sleeping and relaxing is a key part of this. If it’s too hot to sleep, you can expect complaints from irritated guests. Likewise, if it’s too cold.

It can sometimes be necessary to keep windows permanently shut for health and safety reasons, as well as a means of noise reduction. In such cases, air conditioning is vital if your rooms are not to become too uncomfortable to use during the height of the summer.

As well as the rooms, air conditioning should also be considered in communal areas in the hotel, such as the reception area, lobbies, bars and restaurants, and any leisure facilities. Different parts of your hotel may have different air conditioning needs, and a comprehensive system should be able to facilitate this without any problem.

Guests expect air conditioning

Air conditioning is now often standard in hotels across the world. It’s not just in hot countries either. Whether a hotel is based in the tropics or Scandinavia, hotel air conditioning is fitted and increasingly expected by guests. It helps to maintain a comfortable ambient temperature for sleeping, relaxing, working out and having fun. The temperature in the hotel shouldn’t become a distraction.

With guest expectations rising, if your hotel doesn’t have air conditioning it’s likely to suffer in comparison.

Air conditioning is useful all year round

It’s not just during the summer months that air conditioning is useful. During the colder months, it can help to maintain a consistent ambient temperature. Whenever guests visit your establishment, they can have confidence they will be comfortable whatever the weather outside. Your hotel will be an inviting place to return to after a busy day’s sightseeing, shopping, or work.

Keeping your system maintained

It’s not enough to install air conditioning and then forget about it. Your air conditioning system should be working, reliable and not likely to break down. Regular servicing and maintenance can ensure that your system is unlikely to fail during a heatwave, avoiding guest irritation and stress for the management.

Trust Broughton for your hotel air conditioning

At Broughton Electro Air Products Ltd we understand the specific requirements of hotels and other hospitality venues when it comes to air conditioning. With over 30 years of experience, working with such organisations as the Ministry of Defence to the Bugatti Owners Club, we are trusted partners however challenging the job.

To find out more about how we can help ensure your hotel is comfortable all year round why not get in touch?

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