Office Air Conditioning

Office air conditioning can play a key part in helping to create a comfortable environment. We all spend large amounts of time at work and keeping everyone comfortable and happy helps us to be more productive. It may seem an obvious requirement, but many businesses still struggle on without air conditioning. As a result, when the weather is extremely hot or very cold, employee well-being can suffer. An unhappy workforce is rarely a productive one.

Here are just some of the reasons why your business can benefit from office air conditioning.

Why you should have air-conditioning in your office

 Air conditioning brings a range of benefits to your office. These include:

  •  Ability to control temperature – an air conditioning system allows for complete control over the temperature in your office. Whatever the temperature outside, your office will be enjoying a comfortable ambient temperature.
  • Humidity control – too much humidity in your building and it can cause respiratory problems and create the conditions in which mold and mildew can thrive. Too little humidity, and throat and eye irritation can ensue, particularly for people who wear contact lenses. Air conditioning helps to regulate the humidity levels in the building.
  • Air quality – an air conditioning system can help filter out air pollutants, dust and odours. This creates a more comfortable and healthier working environment for everyone.

 Air conditioning helps to improve productivity

 As air conditioning helps to create a comfortable ambient temperature, it also helps to make the office environment more conducive to work. An optimum temperature for working is around 21 degrees celcius and your air conditioning can maintain that temperature all-year round. Your staff won’t be distracted or made uncomfortable by whatever is happening outside. As well as a steady ambient temperature, air conditioning helps to prevent health problems developing. Fewer health problems mean fewer staff absences.

As well as the benefits to your workforce, air conditioning also helps to make your technology and other equipment work better. Excessively hot temperatures can cause printers, servers, computers, and other equipment to overheat leading to downtime. Air conditioning will help prevent this.

Air conditioning is suited to a wide variety of settings

As well as offices, air conditioning can make practical sense in a variety of other workplace settings. These include data centres, laboratories, server locations and training centres, all of which require a steady ambient temperature.

A comprehensive range of air conditioning units

Broughton Electro Air Products Ltd have developed a range of cost effective, high-performance portable HVAC units that can transform your workplace. Built with the ever-changing requirement of climate control in mind, they offer a cost-effective means to ensure your office temperature aids productivity and good health.

An experienced company you can trust

With over 30 years’ experience in the design, development and manufacture of portable heating, cooling, drying and ventilation equipment, Broughton are a company in which you can trust.

Dedicated to finding the right air conditioning solution for your business, our professional team is always happy to provide advice. Why not get in touch to find out more?

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