Air Conditioning for a Restaurant

Maintaining the temperature of your restaurant can sometimes seem like a tough challenge. Whether you’re thinking of your front of house staff, customers, or busy kitchen personnel; maintaining a comfortable climate is essential.

So, how can a HVAC system help, and where is it essential when it comes to restaurant air conditioning? Let’s take a quick look at the key points:

Why is temperature and air conditioning important in restaurants?

The law states that place of work needs to have a sustainable temperature of 16 degrees and minimum of at least 13 degrees if you are labouring. This makes air conditioning an essential priority for businesses such as restaurants that can deal with extremes of temperature in both the kitchen and on the floor.

Deploying a Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is the perfect solution for a range of issues in your business that can’t be solved by conventional heaters or air-conditioners. Having clean, crisp air can improve the efficiency of your staff and allow your guests to dine in comfort. The system can also help dissipate strong smells of food, deal with hot and cold days, and ensure that the climate of your business is pitch-perfect for everyone.

What areas need to be air conditioned?

When it comes to managing your property, there are three key areas that need to be controlled.

Front of house – This is the first point of contact for business for customers and informs their initial impression of your business. Air conditioning should always be at the front of your mind as this allows visitors to be met with fresh cold air on a warm day or a comfortable room temperature in the colder months.

Dining area – Maintaining an enjoyable atmosphere around diners is highly important, especially if disruptions like cold winds from the street or summer heat are a regular issue. Choosing all-in-one restaurant air conditioning systems can also allow you to manage your function rooms which can quickly heat up for large events, leaving guests struggling for fresh air.

Kitchen – Arguably the key area where an HVAC system should be deployed. Heavy duty units are essential when it comes to removing heat, smells, and replenishing cold air. Busy kitchens can become punishingly warm and often average 24°C on normal nights. Removing this obstacle for your staff can allow them to stay safe, comfortable, and provide the highest standards of professional service. Learn more about HVAC in kitchens.

Why may a dehumidifier be needed?

When it comes to operating a busy kitchen, bouts of heat and steam can produce a difficult and potentially dangerous working environment. Spores and mould thrive in damp conditions, which makes it essential to be extra diligent when it comes to controlling your humidity levels in storage areas such as store cupboardsor possibly coolers.

Failure to adequately consider proper climate control may lead to spoiled food and respiratory problems for key members of staff; leaving you open to civil action, staff turnover, and even temporary closure. When opening a window is insufficient or simply not an option, getting the right solution for the problem is essential. Deploying a dehumidifier and suitable ventilation could help prevent problems before they happen.

Why should you purchase from Broughton EAP?

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