Split Unit AC

Air conditioning units are a fantastic way to regulate the temperature within a workplace. If used with a filter some AC units can help reduce pollutants to reduce the risk of allergic reactions, providing the filters are cleaned and maintained regularly, the main concern some have with AC units is the noise. A portable split unit AC is a great way of to regulate the air without a noisy condenser fan in the office.

What is a split unit AC?

A split unit AC is an air conditioning unit that comes in 2 parts. The split unit AC places one part in the room, and the other part is outside, reducing the noise associated with a condenser fan. The

two parts of the split unit are connected by a special ‘umbilical’ piping, so not only are they quieter, but split AC units are more efficient than monblocs as the heat is transferred to water rather than air. As the two components are separated, the interior units can also be sited discreetly so they don’t interfere too much with the day to day running of the offices.

How is a split unit AC different from other AC units?

Central AC unit

The central AC unit uses ducts to circulate air throughout a home or office spaces. As the hotter air raises it is then cycled back through the ducts to become cooled again. a split unit AC is a ductless system and much better for moderating temperatures in a single room. The outdoor unit of the split unit AC system can be connected to multiple indoor units. They are all on separate thermostats and can are independent of each other.

Portable AC unit

See our range of portable AC Units here.

These AC units are a more versatile option for cooling a specific room as they can be moved from room to room. The air is drawn in from the same room and then the heat is transferred to water and pumped away to a separate section where it is exhausted to atmosphere. This is an affordable option for smaller rooms but the split unit AC would be much quieter and effective for full room temperature moderation.

Window AC unit

Very much the same as a portable AC unit in so much as they are a single unit for cooling, the window fitted are a common site in the widows of older apartments in cities like New York and are a useful option when you need cool air in a specific room of a smaller size. As with the portable AC unit, the split unit AC might be a much better option for larger rooms and if multiple rooms need cooler air, or if installation of anything else is not possible.

What products does Broughton offer that are split unit AC?


Alongside the MCM230, a smaller size monobloc cooling unit, the MCWS220 is suitable for almost any application while being efficient and effective. The unit uses a watercooler system instead of using air to remove heat, this increases the efficiency of the split unit AC by decreasing derating effects. Derating is where the condenser offsets the primary performance, and causes sub optimal performance.


Similar to the MCWS220, the MCWS250 is a water-cooled split unit AC, but it offers more kW of chilled air.

Why should someone use Broughton for their AC unit?

When purchasing any kind of Split unit AC, you want assurance that it will work efficiently and effectively. Our split unit AC systems are of the highest quality and come with a 2 year warranty