110v Dehumidifier

Are you looking for an ultimate solution for humidity control in medium and small-sized rooms where safety considerations demand a 110V supply? If so a dual voltage dehumidifier from Broughton EAP would be ideal as they can be run on either 240V or 110V for efficient and effective moisture removal via the powerful heating and cooling functions that they use to dry the air.

Combined with superior air filtration dehumidifiers can help keep a room fresh for a long time. They are energy effective and can be designed with patented technology that guarantees long term service. These appliances helps reduce as well as maintain the level of humidity in the air. It is usually preferred when you need comfort and a healthier indoor air quality.

1. What’s Unique?

A 110v dehumidifier is perfectly suited to on site use where a 110V supply is a mandatory safety requirement.  These small compact units are designed to remove excess water, or ‘humidity’ from the air and can be used to speed up the drying time of various finishing processes such as plastering, painting and concreting . If required a humidistat can be fitted to monitor the indoor humidity conditions and take the necessary action to maintain the air quality.

2. 110v dehumidifier features


A 110V dehumidifier is an appliance that has been designed to have a humidistat fitted as an optional extra.  This is advanced technology to help you set and maintain the most suitable conditions on your site.  A humidistat senses the RH level of the air within the environment and allows you to set what level you’d like to maintain, it will then switch the unit on and off to maintain that desired level.

This dehumidifier is designed to use the heating and cooling properties of the refrigeration process to reduce the moisture within an environment. By removing moisture, reducing humidity and lowering the overall RH level they help prevent mold growth, maintain air freshness and speed up the drying time of various finishing processes such as plastering etc. If you have anyone on your site suffering from asthma attacks, then these electric appliances may also be worth considering as part as they can help reduce the risk of mold growth. Besides removing moisture, 110v dehumidifiers can  have a humidistat to measure humidity and maintain humidity levels.

Electronic controls

This appliance is easy to use since you only need to connect it to a power source, and it starts operating instantly. After pressing power on button, the rest is up to the dehumidifier to do its job and leave the room with quality fresh air.

This feature makes 110v dehumidifiers a reliable, easy to operate, and practical on site and business appliance.

Drain Points

Once the moisture has been removed from the air and left on the evaporator fins, it runs down the surface of the fins and is collected in the drip tray underneath.  The drip tray then funnels the condensate out of the unit and into a bucket (not supplied), into a condensate pump (optional extra) or simply into a drain.

Condensate pumps.

Should a bucket not be option then some of our 110V dehumidifiers can be supplied fitted with a condensate pump.  This allow the units to be run unattended as they will pump the collected water to the nearest drain point, up to 30M away with a maximum head of 5M.

Air filters

Some 110v dehumidifiers might have a filter system that carefully removals all particles in your room. This system can work well to help with the supply of fresh air, however these are generally unnecessary for simple portable units and tend to be used on more specialist ‘fixed’ HVAC equipment.

3. Who might need 110v dehumidifier

Tradesmen or business owners that operate on sites where 110V is a legal requirement.  Not only do these appliances help keep rooms fresh, but other they can help builders finish jobs with maximum speed and efficiency by reducing drying or curing times.  As the Broughton dual voltage dehumidifiers can be run on either 110V or 240V without any affect on performance then they can also be used in any business or environment that might benefit from a reduction in humidity and the associated issues.  People, furniture, art and even the fabric of a building can all suffer from prolonged exposure to high humidity; one example would be a damp basement with musty doors, mold growth, and condensation on windows or walls, these are all signs you might benefit from dehumidifier use.

4. Benefits of a dehumidifier to a place of work

Businesses might need a dehumidifier to keep products safe, prolong shelf life and to reduce the risk of from mold growth. Shorter drying times for plaster and paint might help a tradesman complete work more quickly resulting in less time on individual tasks. In addition to dehumidifiers playing a vital role in mold prevention, they also help with eliminating dust mites, protecting your business structures, and improving the quality of air.

5. Area of application

Home and offices

Dehumidifiers can help control excessive body sweat build up in a gym, your home or even the office. This drying prevents mold and mildew growth, which causes mustiness on books, furniture, and fabrics. Clothes, kitchens, boardrooms, and spas need can also benefit from use of these appliances to help with the build up of excessive moisture.

Industrial areas

Construction can benefit from use of a dehumidifier as they can help reduce the drying time of plaster, paint and concrete.  The drying of clothes or other fabrics can also be reduced with careful use of a dehumidifier.  In addition to these a dehumidifier can help with the build up of condensation within an environment and therefore help minimise the risk of the associated damage.

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