Ventilation Fans

What is a ventilation fan?

Working in stuffy environments with heavy machinery or equipment can become uncomfortable very quickly, especially in hotter months with no ventilation. Working in a factory or warehouse where you can’t have open windows means you will need some sort of ventilation fan. Ventilation fans, or more specifically industrial cooling fans, help by moving hot air around which can help alleviate stuffy atmospheres. Ventilation fans designed for industrial settings are also built to take more heavy-duty usage. Ventilation fans are more used to circulate the air to bring cooler cleaner air into the room. A ventilation fan can either draw in fresh air form outside and remove contaminated air from inside, or it can simply be used to create air circulation.

Where can Broughton EAP ventilation fans be used?


Industrial cooling fans that are portable can be used to create air movement within specific areas for a more pleasant working environment. If there is a certain part of the warehouse that is particularly stuffy then you can easily move the industrial cooling fan to that area. A ventilation fan will help keep the air clean by removing airborne contaminants such and ducting them away.


While working on vehicles can be physically taxing at the best of times, it can be especially so in the warmer months. Industrial cooling fans can make the heat more tolerable, and keep a better flow of fresh air on you. Also, with all the fumes from exhausts, oil and cleaning fluid, there is a real need to remove the stale air.


It may seem like an odd place to find cooling fans; but in places where there are delicate items and artifacts, you need to make sure you don’t cause damage. A portable ventilation fan can be a useful way to provide airflow during the summer. Our MB range feature variable speed control so they can be adjusted to keep the sound down.

What cooling and ventilation fans do Broughton EAP have?

MB30 Man Cooler

Working in quieter environment may require less noise from your ventilator fan. You may also need the ventilator fans to still be powerful. The MB30 would be virtually unnoticeable in a boardroom setting. It utilises a powerful 4 pole motor and is ideal for events, factories and retail applications.

MB50 Man Cooler

Used in larger settings such as marquees and factories, the MB50 industrial cooling fan is built using tough ABS plastic. It utilises a powerful 4 pole motor and is ideal for events, factories, warehouses and retail applications.

VF Extractor Fans

These much larger more robust options, the VF250, VF300 and VF600 are powerful ventilation fans fan which allows for a higher airflow and can also be fitted with up to 20M of ducting. These units are much more resilient due to its metal housing and capable of moving up to 20,000 m³/hr. Ideal for extracting non explosive dust and fumes during construction or renovation applications.

Why is it important to buy from a reputable company like Broughton EAP?

There are many options for fans and ventilation solutions on the market, and it is crucial you get the correct one for your business. Broughton EAP have 30 years of history in design, manufacturing and development. Broughton EAP have worked on some exciting projects with the likes of the Ministry of Defence and the Bugatti Owners Club! Some of our products have been used for environmental control in Afghanistan and Iraq for the military. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help with any of your ventilation fan needs!

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