Heating for a Construction Site

If you are searching for heating solutions for a construction site, talk to Broughton EAP.

At Broughton EAP, we have been providing heating systems for companies based on construction sites for many years, and we are very confident we can help you source the excellence that you desire. Read on to find out more about what makes Broughton EAP such an obvious choice for construction site heating you can depend on.

Comfort, warmth and productivity

There are many reasons why workers on construction sites require high-quality heating solutions. These systems keep workers warm whilst they work, allow them to remain productive and help them to enjoy their tasks. They also ensure work can continue even in the colder months of the year whilst shortening drying times.

What makes a great construction heater?

When you are searching for a construction heater, there are many attributes you need to look for. The ideal heater will be easily portable, won’t take too long to warm up and will be cost-effective so you can use it frequently without running costs becoming unaffordable. At Broughton EAP, we can provide you with a long-lasting and dependable construction heater that won’t break the bank.

All about the FFVH32

One of the most recent additions to our range of construction heaters is the FFVH32. This system is already noted for its high volume airflow, 360-degree coverage and excellent DeltaT. When you opt for this system, you can heat your construction environment with one unit as opposed to several. Another key benefit of the FFVH32 is that it can be used as part of a drying system to cut drying times. Not only is the unit incredibly lightweight but it is also easy to store, can be washed with ease and is manufactured from fire-retardant material. This material conforms to EN13501 B-S1-d0.

Why Broughton EAP?

At Broughton EAP, we have been a market-leading source for heating, cooling and ventilation solutions for decades. We have vast experience when it comes to designing, developing and manufacturing portable heating, cooling, drying and ventilation equipment and have been able to count names as illustrious as the Ministry of Defence and the Buggati Owners Club amongst our clients over the years.

Let us assist you

Another great reason for opting for our services is that we can offer an outstanding aftersales service. This means we are only ever a phone call away if you do need any advice or support once we have provided your heating solution. We want you to be totally happy with the solution that we have provided, which is why we will take a close look at your needs and circumstances to help you find the perfect system for your requirements. You can get in touch with us at any point if you do have any queries about the products and services that we offer. To reach us today and find out more about our construction heating systems, just call us on +44(0)1527 830610 or send a message to sales@broughtoneap.co.uk.