Hotel Heaters

Why do hotels need heaters?

Hotels are designed to be an inviting place to stay away from home. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance, and therefore their comfort is paramount. Hotel heaters help regulate temperature on colder days. Heaters used in the hotel are not just good for the rooms, but communal areas and any temporary structure put up to accommodate wedding parties or Christmas parties as well. Every part of the hotel should be temperate and welcoming, from the foyer to the hallways. Sometimes is beneficial to put yourself into your clients’ shoes, what would you like to have when staying at a hotel? Or even just visiting for the evening as an event is being held there? Hotel heaters are a cost-effective way to achieve comfortable temperatures, but what are the actual benefits of having the heaters?

Temperature control

Every guest that stays or visits your hotel will have a different ideal temperature range. If the environment is too cold or too warm, they could have an unpleasant experience leading to negative feedback or reviews. Hotel heaters usually come with thermostats, allowing them to keep the environment as comfortable as possible. Heat is more than a creature comfort however, and the cold can be dangerous at certain levels.

Guest expectations

When people are paying their own money to stay at your hotel, each and every one will have varying levels of expectations. One fundamental expectation your guests will have, is staying in a comfortable temperature. In the colder months, your guest will expect your hotel to have heaters.

What kind of heaters can Broughton EAP offer?


If you need a powerful hotel heater that can transfer hot air over longer distances, the FFHT32 can be ducted up to 10 metres and can output 75C in heat. This hotel heater includes a remote thermostat. The FFHT32 is also fume and odour free and ideal for marquees and communal area’s in the event of plant failure.


A smaller and more low powered hotel heater solution is the FF3. The FF3 is built for rigorous and regular use and can be ducted up to 2 metres and owing to the 13A supply can be used anywhere throughout the hotel, either supplementing central heating during a particularly harsh cold spell or even in the event of plant failure.


Very similar in style and application as the FF3, the FF13 is a hotel heater that can output a higher temperature and be ducted up to 10 metres. You can also have it deliver heat to two separate areas and is also odourless and fume free.

Why is it important to buy a hotel heater from a well-known company like Broughton EAP?

There are many options for hotel heaters on the market, and it is crucial you get the correct one for your business. Broughton EAP have over 30 years of history in design manufacturing and development. Broughton EAP have worked on some exciting projects with the likes of the Bugatti Owners Club and Ministry of Defence! Broughton is at the forefront of hotel heaters and has an extensive history in providing high quality units. Research and development into the best engineered hotel heaters have been extensive. We offer all types of temperature control solutions to suit all needs and we recommend getting in touch with one of our excellent staff who are highly trained to answer all your questions! Don’t hesitate, contact us today to find out how we can help!

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