MCSe7.3 Portable Water Cooled Split Air Conditioners

MCSe7.3 Water cooled split air conditioner and heat exchanger front on image on white background
  • 7.3kW Cooling Duty
  • Standard 13A supply
  • Umbilical lines can be extended to 35m
  • 15⁰C-35⁰C operating range
  • Low GWP refrigerant

This low GWP version of our industry standard MCWS250 sees it upgraded to meet modern environmental standards while still promising up to 7.3kW of cooling without the need for ducting. This makes the MCe7.3 ideal for use in data centres, especially as the main unit and outdoor section can be up to 35M apart. With digital thermostatic control, twin louvre directional and variable speed control the MCe7.3 can have it’s air delivery tailored to suit a range of needs, while a status panel lets you know what the units is doing at a glance and low temperature operation is also included as standard.  With all this in mind, the MCe7.3 has reset the standard for portable split air cooling equipment.

Fully serviceable equipment

Full spare parts availability

Full technical support

2-year warranty