Air Conditioning For Shops

Why should you keep your shop air conditioned?

As a shop owner, customer footfall is the life blood of your business. Making your shop as comfortable and inviting is as important as what you are selling. Even though the weather in the UK is unpredictable and fairly cold, the summers can become warm and uncomfortable. There are several reasons to invest in a shop AC unit, the great news is they can also be portable!


Looking after your clients should be high on the list of your priorities, as without them, you have no business. Air conditioning for shops promotes good airflow and allows you to better control the climate within your premises. Portable ac unit for shop can be positioned wherever is convenient and in most need.


Similar reasoning for customers, employees work better if they are comfortable. The major difference is that your employees will be spending a lot more time in your shop. Even a small AC for your shop could increase productivity.


Depending on what you sell, some products need to be stored in certain conditions. The ideal conditions for things like technology, medicine, and perishables, are a cool and dry storage room. A portable shop AC unit can sit discretely in your stock cupboard and keep your products safe from environmental damage.


Do you have rooms that are dependent on being cooled? What would happen if your internal system was to fail? A portable shop AC unit could be wheeled to the desired area and keep the temperatures under control. Having fail safes in place are much more cost effective than waiting until an issue occurs.

What does Broughton offer?

The options for air conditioning for shops vary depending on your needs, there are small options that operate per room, or larger portable units that can be ducted to multiple rooms.

Monobloc Units


If you want to condition up to two smaller rooms the MCe6.0 air conditioning for shops and offices could be the best option. It can provide 6.5kW of cooled air to two areas and comes with an exhaust duct of 3m and cooling ducting of 1m.


Need more cooling? The MCe9.0 allows chilled air to be distributed to larger areas. This portable shop AC unit includes variable fan speeds and adjustable thermostat, offering more control.

Evaporative cooling – Comcool 52

For the shops that have a huge industrial warehouse behind them, you will need a larger volume and heavy-duty solution. The Comcool 52 is an evaporative cooling unit that can pump the equivalent of 20kW of chilled air using nothing more than tap water! Water is fed into the unit via a standard hose connection, or by filling the 90L tank.

Low GWP Portable AC

Refrigerant has become quite the problem regarding the environment, some traditional refrigerants are over two thousand times more harmful to the environment than carbon dioxide. All of our current portable air conditioners are built around a low GWP (global warming potential) refrigerant, so they are less destructive as a pollutant. Most units run from a standard 13A supply.

Why choose Broughton EAP?

When purchasing any kind of air conditioning for shops, you want assurance that it will work efficiently and effectively. Speak to us today by phone, +44(0)1527 830610, or send a message to