110V Equipment

Here at Broughton EAP we offer a full range of site suitable 110V equipment that’s including fan and electric heaters, infra red heaters, dehumidifiers and cooling and ventilation fans.  There are options for both 16A and 32A supplies meaning that we can offer something for just about every supply.

Despite its widespread use within the construction industry we are regularly asked “What is 110V?” or “Where is 110V used.”   Below is a brief introduction to 110V which we hope will answer what it is, where it’s used and why people use it.

What is a 110V supply?

Unlike the electrical supply in your house or office which is 240V, building sites use 110V for safety reasons.  110V is also becoming more widely used on an increasing number of industrial sites where power tools are regularly used.

Why are 110V supplies used?

In short, because they greatly reduce the risks associated with electrocution.

Is 110V a legal requirement?

Although the law doesn’t specifically call for 110V, it does explicitly state that you must take precautions against the risk of death or injury from electricity during construction.  So, even though legally there’s probably no reason that you can’t use an RCD (Residual current (trip) device) and 240v you’ll struggle to find any reputable company whose Health and Safety policies don’t insist on 110V.

Still, there have been instances where people have argued that you are just as well protected, if not better protected, using a 240v supply with an RCD, which is a device that detects faults in the electrical system and rapidly switches off the supply.  However, RCD’s don’t detect every fault and could themselves be faulty so on large sites where there can be lots of trailing cables, numerous trades and organizations all working in the same area at the same time 110v is considered to be the safest option. This is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future because a broken or forgotten RCD could result in injury or even death, and no site agent would want to leave themselves open to criminal charges in these circumstances as they could be considered negligent and to have failed in their duty of care.

In Summary

If you’re looking for equipment for use on a building site then you’ll need something from either our 110V or dual voltage ranges.  If it’s something for general commercial or industrial use then 240V is probably what you’re after.

Still unsure?

Feel free to contact us and give us a call.   Our technical sales department will be happy to offer advice and answer any questions you might have on which unit best suits your need.