110v Fan Heater

What is 110v?

The standard electrical supply here in the UK is 230v +/- 10v (usually referred to as 240v), however for some commercial application 110v is considered safer as it reduces the risk of serious injury from electrical shock and is therefore preferred in places such as building sites.

What about the current?

Whereas a standard 230v plug will contain a suitably rated fuse, 110v equipment normally comes with either a 60A or 32A plug, which are different sizes so can’t be plugged into an unsuitable socket. 110v plugs will also always feature a yellow end where they plug into a supply, for easy identification.

Why do we need 110v?

The law states that you must take precautions against the risk of death or injury from electricity during construction.

Some people will still argue that you are just as well protected if not better protected using a standard 240v supply along with a residual current device (a device that detects faults in the electrical system and rapidly switches of the supply). However, on large sites where there are numerous trailing cables, trades and organizations all working in the same area 110v is still considered to be the safest as a lost, broken or forgotten RCD could result in the possibility of injury or death. As the site agent could then be considered to be negligent or have failed in their duty of care, and therefore leave them open to the possibility of criminal charges, then it is highly unlikely there will be a move away from 110v supplies on building sites.

The advice from HSE (Health and Safety Executive) is that tools, equipment plugs and cable designed for domestic use are not suitable for site conditions, where you should use cordless tools or those that operate from an 110v (CTE) centre tapped to earth supply system.

Why choose Broughton for 110v equipment?

Here at Broughton EAP we’ve been the leading source for 110v equipment here in the UK for nearly 40 years. We supply fans, heaters, dehumidifiers and even portable air conditioning suitable for use on 110v, we are able to provide you with the options for both 16A and 32A supplies which means we can cater for just about all needs.

With so much experience supplying the Hire, Facilities Management and Construction Industries nobody understands better what’s required for these demanding applications, and you can guarantee all our equipment is designed and built to withstand the use and abuse of daily site use. As such you can find Broughton manufactured equipment keeping sites warm, dry, well ventilated and even cool in hire fleets, on building sites and in the backs of vans the length and breadth of the county.

You are welcome to contact us at any point on 01527 830610 or sales@broughtoneap.co.uk if you do have any queries about any of the products in our range, or would simply like some help and advice with selecting the right machine for your requirement. Our team are experts in 100v and are only too happy to help.