Data Centre Cooling Case Study

The Challenge

With digital and IT equipment becoming an ever more essential and integral part of daily life Data Centres become more important to keep everything functioning. Our Mighty Cool portable air conditioning and AHU ranges are an essential part of some of the countries largest hire fleets, helping to keep information safe, secure and accessible 24/7/365 during planned maintenance, emergency cover or as back up to existing systems.

The Solution

A typical solution suitable for a purpose-built data centre would include a large industrial chiller complete with a number of Broughton AHU30 and/or AHU50 fan coil units delivered by one of our specialist distributors complete with an expert team to install and commission the equipment and also assist with the replacement and refurbishment programme. In this particular case the existing units already in situ in the main server room needed upgrading so Broughton equipment we used as part of a package to provide temporary cooling during the programme of works and ensure downtime was avoided and that data safety wasn’t compromised.

As is common in data centres and server rooms space on was restricted so the survey team devised a clever solution to swap the units across gradually, using six of our MCWS250 portable water cooled split air conditioning unit. These were installed while the air conditioning contractor prepared the pipework modifications for the new permanent units in a three week programme of works.

The Result

Another emergency project that started with a call to one our specialist distributors, this time from a large university on the south coast where a data centre on the sixth floor had experienced a cooling system brake down and it was getting hot quickly.

Although the onsite maintenance team had taken action quickly the clock was ticking as there was no option to use cooler ambient air. With the distributors team available 24/7 and 365 days a year they are well practised in and trained specifically for fast responses and emergency call outs, so were quickly on site with over 10MCWS250 portable air conditioning units in a couple of hours, accompanied by a team of installation specialists.