Case Studies

Find a list of our case studies below to see our solutions to some common problems:

Shop and Office Cooling – Emergency air conditioning is crucial when fixed air conditioning units fail during heatwaves. Find our examples of these here and their solutions.

Data Centre Cooling – Data centres are crucial to store your data and these overheating would insue many problems. Find our example of this here.

Event Heating – Having a cold event is the last thing you would want. See our examples of emergency heaters needed at a fashion show and electric car racing event launch here.

Luxury Yacht & Airport – Heating is critical in travel, whether that be at the airport or in a yacht. See our solutions to these challenges here.

Theatre PAC – Everybody loves a trip to the theatre however, nothing ruins the experience like the venue being too hot. See examples of our air cooling solutions to this here.

Check in and Fashion House – Find our solutions to heating problems at a self service check in and fashion house here.

Gym and Office Heating – When the central heating suddenly breaks, this is a nightmare if you have a large number of visitors or workers due in the following day. Find out how we dealt with this problem here.