Shop and Office Cooling Case Study

The heat can create problems and issue’s anywhere, especially in the UK where a prolonged heatwave can really test fixed installation air conditioning. The beauty of portable air conditioning is that it can be brought in in an emergency to help people out when they really need it. With our network of specialist climate control distributors offering both hire and sales the Mighty Cool range is readily available for emergency cover, planned maintenance or as additional cover as and when needed.

Case study 1

The challenge

When the fixed installation air conditioning system in a busy fashion store at a well known shopping centre destination failed during last summer’s intense heatwave it left the manager having to consider closing over busy bank holiday weekend that also coincided with payday. Luckily, after a panicked call to one of our specialist climate control distributors they were able to get portable air conditioning installed and running the following morning. Not bad considering that call only went in at 16:00hrs on a Friday afternoon!

The solution

With weekend temperatures forecast to be higher than those in the Mediterranean in Ibiza it was a a case of worst possible timing when the fashion store’s air conditioning gave up late on a Friday afternoon. Luckily for them though a phone call to one of our preferred distributors meant they had a specialist engineer on site and ready to evaluate within no time.

The engineer was quickly able to determine the store needed 100kW of cooling, which is an awful lot. With that level of duty you would normally recommend a chiller and portable fan coil units or air handling units, however without enough space for the chiller then they had to come up with another solution. With a fleet full of Broughton portable air conditioning equipment the engineer was able to provide the necessary cooling with a number monobloc units. These powerful units were able to deliver 8kW of cooling each from a standard 13A supply, which meant they didn’t need a generator or specialist electrical supplies, quiet operation, variable speeds and lockable castors allowed them to be dotted around the shop rather than all in one place. This helped spread the cooling evenly across the entire shop and deliver the chilled air in the most effective manner. The hot air exhaust was simply ducted into the ceiling void where it was dealt with by the in-house ventilation system.

The result

With an order placed late on Friday afternoon the portable air conditioning equipment was delivered at 8am the following day, ready for the moment the shopping centre opened its main access doors. The units were simply wheeled into place, plugged in, switched on left to keep customers cool before the store opened at 9am, with no additional safety precautions needed.

With narrow 200MM flexible exhaust ducts to remove the heat into the ceiling void where fans extract the heat, plus compact footprint the fleet of 8.2kW MCM280’s were an unobtrusive addition to the shop floor and were in place for four weeks while the main system was repaired.

Case study 2

The challenge

With nearly half a billion clinical tests every year, one of the continents largest medical diagnostics firm’s teams of highly skilled technicians were starting to get uncomfortable during a prolonged period of unusually high temperatures that saw the mercury regularly topping 40⁰C in places.

The solution

With a distribution network that spans Europe it was a client in Germany that first got the call, with agents across the continent soon following.

The flustered teams in one location were in hot, sweaty test laboratories which also housed sensitive equipment and had limited space, any solution therefore had to be compact, require only minimal attention and couldn’t distract from the very important work being carried out.

After a consultation with a specialist engineer it was decided that a 7.2kW water cooled split portable air conditioning unit would be enough to supplement the facilities existing cooling system and cool things down. These low noise, compact compact units would be ideal as the main cooling part could be sited in the actual lab while the separate heat exchanger box could be placed outside, further limiting noise and pumping condensate away automatically. As the most effective form of portable air conditioning splits can deliver a large volume of cooled air, of up to circa 1,450m3/hr, which makes them ideal for cooling large office areas, server rooms, data centres and workspaces.

The result

The initial call was received late one Thursday afternoon and by the following Monday morning portable air conditioning equipment was already up and running on site. All that was required was a standard 13a 240V electrical supply and a suitable route for the umbilical that joins the indoor and outdoor sections. Our MCWS250 comes with a multi speed fan delivering so the airflow could be tailored to suit each job while an automatic thermostat and condensate pump which removes condensation ensures a user friendly ‘fit and forget’ operation.

With 40 years experience in the design, manufacture and supply of portable industrial air conditioning, heating, ventilation and dehumidification equipment Broughton EAP have an extensive and versatile range of HVAC equipment. Should you have any queries, question or even wish to join our team of specialist distributors then please do not hesitate to contact us.