Commercial Kitchens Ventilation Fans & Dehumidifier

Why do you need kitchen ventilation?

No matter the size, shape, or use of your kitchen, you need to be able to safely remove hot air. Depending on what size kitchen you have, there are several solutions available. Kitchen ventilation systems keep your kitchen from overheating, keeps the working environment pleasant, and also removes harmful pollutants. There are many industries that would benefit from a proper kitchen ventilation system.


Some schools can see thousands of students walk through the halls on a single day. Your kitchen staff will need to be able to facilitate hot food for a large chunk of those students and faculty members. Just like having access to hot water on demand with an energy efficient kitchen water boiler, being able to easily remove steam and smoke from the kitchen will speed up production times.


Are you offering a breakfast buffet? Or an evening menu at your hotel? The kitchens in most hotels are constantly fluctuating between prepping, cleaning and serving throughout most of the day. These environments can get hot very quickly and with the pressures of being on schedule, this can become intolerable even for the best chefs in the world. Having a strong exhaust fan for your kitchen or a kitchen ventilation system will bring the conditions back down to bearable levels quickly. Learn more about Hotel Air Conditioning here.


Arguably the life blood of any food service establishment, the kitchen can make or break a restaurant. Just like not having enough ovens, or poor refrigeration storage, a poor kitchen air conditioner can cause a slower service; poor service means unhappy customers. Keep your kitchen staff happy with better kitchen ventilation. What are the benefits of having proper kitchen ventilation?

See our guide for air conditioning for restaurants here

Improving working conditions

The most obvious reason to invest in a better kitchen ventilation fan, get the hot air out of the kitchen and move fresher cooler air back in. Kitchen air conditioners coupled with a kitchen ceiling

exhaust fan keeps a constant flow of clean air moving through the premises. A more temperate environment makes for happier staff, which makes for better service to your customers.

Health and safety

We need oxygen to be able to live. If you are cooking a lot of food that gives off smoke, then it can make the air much harder to breathe. The likelihood this would result in hypoxia is low, but it is

your responsibility as an employer to ensure the wellbeing of your staff is dealt with appropriately. Kitchen ventilation systems are an inexpensive way to keep your team healthy and safe.

What kind of kitchen ventilation can Broughton EAP offer?

Split air conditioning

The MCSe7.3 and 14.6 is are variable fan speed units that include digital thermostats. They can operate within the temperatures of 15 and 35 degrees Celsius. These units are built to take whatever you throw at them with their industrial build quality and housing. They also boast low GWP refrigerant and claim to be the most efficient type of portable air conditioning available. See more info about Split AC units here

Monobloc unit range

For the slightly warmer kitchens, the MCe6.0 and MCe9.0 are both practical and efficient. And all of the units have wheels for easy movement. For a larger kitchen area, the MCe9.0 can cool a sizable kitchen of up to 250m/3. These units also use low GWP refrigerants, EC fan technology, digital thermostats and the ability to duct long distances, so the warm air can be exhausted easily.

Ventilation fans

The MB range of variable speed fans are a quick, simple way to keep air moving and alleviate the stuffiness of hot, busy kitchens. With their wipe clean plastic bodies and powerful 4 pole motors these fans can easily be brought in as and when needed, while that speed control allows you to tailor the airflow to your requirement. Why is it important to buy a kitchen ventilation system from a well-known company like Broughton. See our range of fans here


There are many options for kitchen ventilation on the market, and it is imperative to get the correct one for your specific kitchen. Broughton EAP have 30 years of history in design manufacturing and development. Broughton EAP have worked on some exciting projects with the likes of the Bugatti Owners Club and Ministry of Defence! Broughton is a complete solution to your kitchen  ventilation needs and has an extensive history in providing high quality solutions. Don’t hesitate, contact us today to find out how we can help!