Gym Fans and Air Conditioning

Gyms and fitness centres have seen a rapid increase in popularity over recent decades. More of us now visit the gym than ever before, with younger generations leading the way. In this dynamic and competitive market, it’s essential that gym owners and managers provide the very best environment for their clients.

During winter, gyms can be draughty and cold, and in the height of summer they can be unbearably hot. When gyms are at their busiest, the air can very quickly grow stale and unpleasant.

An air conditioning system for gym facilities is critical to help keep air circulating and to ensure that the gym remains at a healthy temperature all year round.

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The right environment for working out

Industrial gym fans and gymnasium air conditioning moderate the temperature within gyms and fitness centres while ensuring that the air keeps circulating. The ideal temperature for a gym typically ranges from 20 to 22 degrees Celsius. This temperature range promotes comfort during exercise, preventing overheating but allowing the body to generate moderate heat during physical activity.

This makes for a comfortable environment for gym users, ensuring they’re neither too hot nor cold, and preventing stale air from building up. Gym users cite comfort as a primary factor in choosing to stay a member of a particular gym, with uncomfortable environments producing a higher rate of membership turnover.

Getting it right requires the right air conditioning equipment for your gym.

Why is gym air conditioning important?

Effective gymnasium air conditioning significantly improves air quality, impacting respiratory health. Proper ventilation and air circulation remove airborne contaminants such as dust, allergens and bacteria, making it particularly beneficial for individuals with asthma or allergies.

In a temperature-regulated environment, people can exercise for longer durations without experiencing fatigue or discomfort. Optimal temperature control helps to prevent dehydration and other heat-related illnesses, enhancing endurance and productivity during workouts.

When you maintain an optimal temperature within your gym you help to minimise the risk of equipment overheating or failing, prolonging its lifespan and reducing maintenance costs. When your gym is comfortable and healthy, it encourages people to return, keep up their membership subscription and reach their fitness goals.

Finding the right air conditioning solution for your gym is crucial, with a range of options available. Industrial gym air conditioning provides powerful, portable air conditioning that give gym owners maximum flexibility and control.

Energy-efficient gym air conditioning from Broughton

If you’re looking for gym fans for sale, then Broughton has the answer. Our range of portable air conditioning units is an ideal solution for gyms and health and fitness centres. Made in England to the highest possible standards, our latest range incorporates energy efficiency elements for reduced running costs.

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Our Portable Industrial Air Conditioning Units:

THE MCe6.0

The MCe6.0 monobloc is a low GWP unit able to provide 6.5kW of chilled air to two areas at the same time, and is an ideal match for environments such as events, data centres, offices and retail outlets. This commercial air conditioning unit comes with insulated exhaust duct and directional cooling duct outlets, and is supplied with a two-year warranty.

THE MCe9.0

The largest monobloc in its field, the MCe9.0 is capable of supplying about 9kW of chilled air to two areas simultaneously, and comes with features such as variable fan speed and a thermostat. The product comes with insulated exhaust duct and directional cooling outlets. The MCe9.0 is also able to keep working in lower ambient temperatures, down to around 15C – cooler than most industrial portable air conditioning units. As with the MCe6.0, the MCe9.0 uses low GWP technology and comes with a two-year warranty.


Our compact MCSe7.3 system offers all the benefits of a water-cooled split as it uses water to remove heat as opposed to air. This type of industrial air con unit avoids the derating effect of the condenser synonymous with traditional systems making it incredibly efficient, and is able to provide up to 7.3kW of chilled air. You can store your main unit as far as 30-metres away from the outdoor section, with the system coming complete with a 5-metre umbilical line. The MCSe14.6 is a first class leading portable 14.6kW unit, designed to provide comfort and contentment to workforces across and outside of the UK.


Finally, our pioneering COMCOOL evaporative cooling system is a large volume, robust and heavy duty evaporative cooler that can produce the equivalent of 20kW of cooling from just 2A by harnessing the cooling effect of evaporation. You can either feed the system directly from a tap or use the internal 90l tank. The system is an ideal match for environments where traditional air conditioning systems cannot meet requirements, such as outdoor areas and large warehouses. The commercial air conditioning unit comes with features including a water filter, a tank purge system, locking casters and submersible pump.