Air Conditioning for a Shop

Using portable air conditioning to keep your customers comfortable is an essential part of any business. From the moment they step onto your property, they will be judging your business. Being too hot, too cold, or just uncomfortable to move around can massively reduce their time spent browsing and willingness to complete a sale.

So, how can air conditioning potentially help your customers enjoy their visit, and what should you know before deciding a shop air conditioning unit is right for you? Let’s take a quick look at the key factors:

Why is temperature so important?

Customer comfort is essential in any business. Being met by a wall of humidity or cold air can scare off customers, while enjoyable climates encourage visitors to browse. If you deal with perishable products, this can cause issues with key produce with flowers and food wilting under hot temperatures.

This also ties into legislation that states that the minimum temperature should be at least 16 degrees Celsius and 13 degrees if your staff are undertaking physical activity. If you fail to meet these requirements you can not only lose custom, but also your licence to operate your store.

What type of units may you find in shops?

There is a vast range of air conditioning units available to high street chains, small business owners, and independent retailers. But finding the right one for your unique use-case can be extremely difficult.

Depending on your needs, these can be as simple as standard air conditioning units designed to cool a set footage of space. Portable units are also extremely common in confined spaces where larger models may not fit. Older builds can also suffer when they enter the colder months, making an electric shop heater a fantastic stopgap while you work up the capital to make necessary improvements or add insulation to your build. Dehumidifiers can also help strip excess moisture from the air, protecting your stock and your buildings health.

What about seasonal needs?

When it comes to the colder months, it is vital that any shop worth its salt is prepared for extremes of weather on the property. This becomes essential when it comes to physically demanding jobs such as stocktaking, construction, or warehouse work. Choosing an industrial fan heater or cooler is an essential part of high-dexterity work such as goods handling, which can become exponentially difficult in extreme temperatures.

It’s also worth remembering that the increased footfall at the festive period can result in heat leeching out due to customers entering and exiting your property. Failing to use fan heaters or an infra red heater to warm back office or warehouse areas during these times can also massively reduce the morale and effectiveness of your staff, leaving you open to efficiency losses or potential liability claims.

Why should you purchase from Broughton EAP?

With a comprehensive selection of units and 30 years of professional experience, Broughton offers a wealth of choice and hard-earned expertise when it comes to selecting a portable air conditioning model that’s right for your business. Our team is more than happy to work with you to help pinpoint your requirements and provide solutions for any difficult or unique problems you and your teams face on a daily basis.

If you want to review our range of shop fan heaters and portable air conditioners in full, you can do so by clicking here where you’ll also find details on our portable electric boilers, cooling fans, ventilation fans, fan coil units and associated accessories.  Or, if you want to find out how an air conditioning unit can bring benefit to your business, please feel free to contact us directly and let our team know exactly what you need.

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