MCe Range: Industrial Air Conditioners

Independence. Expertise. Experience.

In today’s globalized world, where a handful of distributors all buy near identical equipment from the same far eastern factories, it pays to be different. When even companies that claim to be manufactures subcontract their manufacturing out to those same factories in the east, it pays to be authentic.
We’re a genuine manufacturing company, we punch, press and fold, we bolt, screw, braise and assemble our equipment right here in the West Midlands.
We’re engineers who design our equipment in house using over forty years of feedback and experience, and our range is built around user requirements rather than a distributors margin or filling containers.
But just because we’ve been around for a while it doesn’t mean we can’t be creative or innovative, does it? Things change, that’s an inevitability, and in order to stay relevant you need to move with the times and accommodate those changes, and the all new MCe range of portable air con units highlights our commitment to meeting modern demands.

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Engineered not mass produced.

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Or, more accurately, what happens when you try to reduce the environmental impact of something like large portable air conditioning? Well, if your anything like us you embrace that challenge.
We’re a small company by the side of some but we don’t think there’s any shame in that. In fact, if anything, we see it as an advantage. Smaller means dynamic, it means care for customers and it means we concentrate on producing equipment people actually want, not what’s most cost effective for shipping then telling everyone it’s what they should want. It also means you can talk to us directly instead of a call centre at a distributors who then have to the factory on the other side of the world…

A better tomorrow.

As the world starts to take environmental responsibility evermore seriously the MCe range of portable industrial air conditioning equipment has been designed to meet the demands of todays’ environmentally savvy market, by delivering industry leading performance with maximum efficiency and minimum impact.
As anyone who works with cooling equipment will tell you the two biggest problems to overcome in this challenge are efficiency and the refrigerants themselves. An industrial air con unit can consume a lot of power and some traditional refrigerants are over 2500 times more damaging to the environment than carbon dioxide. On top of that some of the alternatives, such as propane, happen to be highly explosive and therefore bring about their own set of problems.
However, if you’re prepared to combine the expertise of experience with a touch of creativity then anything can be overcome.
The MCe range is the result of years of development and promises to overcome these obstacles without any compromise in performance. They use a low GWP (Global Warming Potential) refrigerant that’s over 95% less harmful than some of the more commonly used traditional types and doesn’t have the flammability issues of propane.
Increased airflow, greater refrigerant coefficient of performance and EC fan technology all help reduce power consumption, maintain high cooling capacities and improve efficiency.
On top of all that you get everything else we’ve always offered too; high quality manufacturing with tough steel body, two year warranty, easily serviceable equipment, complete spare parts availability and full technical back up and support from an actual engineer. Maybe even one of the guys who helped develop the range.
Who else can promise all that?

The MCe Industrial Air Conditioner Range.

Everyone loves a bullet point list these days so here are some of the highlights that can be found across the new MCe range.

  • Low GWP, A2L refrigerant: 95% less harmful to the environment than traditional refrigerants without the flammability of R290/propane.
  • Insulated ducting: Stops the heat from the exhaust duct radiating back into the room
  • EC fans: Highly efficient and fully controllable
  • Backward Curved Fans: Generate much higher pressure than axial fans so can be used to power the air through much narrower, much longer ducting.
  • Made in the UK

And for those who like to look a little deeper here’s a look at the range in more detail:


The unit that supersedes the ever popular MCM230, the MCe6.0 promises up to 6kW of cooling. This deceptively powerful monobloc unit utilizes Broughton’s unique airflow delivery system to power the exhaust air along up to 10M of narrow 150MM diameter ducting. Not only does this make the ducting much more manageable and easy to store, it also allows the unit to be sited up to 10M away from the warm air exhaust point.
The cold air side also uses the same airflow technology, allowing a single unit to cool two area’s at the same time with the option to extend the ducting. The dual outlets included as standard give the unit directional airflow as they can be positioned for maximum cooling effect.
All new for this year is the digital thermostat that allows the user to set the desired temperature and sit back while the unit maintains it.
Ideal for use either as a spot cooler or to help regulate temperatures wherever the need arises, the MCe6.0 is a fully portable powerhouse that ticks the environmental boxes.
Nominal duty: 6.5kW
Thermostatic control
Exhaust up to 10M
Directional airflow
Cool two areas from one unit.
Lockable castors
Low GWP Refrigerant
High efficiency EC fan technology
Narrow 150MM duct.

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As a water cooled split the MCe7.3 is the most efficient and effective form of portable industrial air conditioning available, as it removes the derating effect of the condenser by using a plate heat exchanger instead. This also helps keep the sound down too as it moves one of the fans outside the area needing cooling.
This low GWP version of our industry standard MCWS250 sees it upgraded to meet modern environmental standards while still promising up to 7.3kW of cooling without the need for ducting. This makes the MCSe7.3 ideal for use in data centers, especially as the main unit and outdoor section can be up to 35M apart. With digital thermostatic control, twin louvre directional and variable speed control the MCSe7.3 can have it’s air delivery tailored to suit a range of needs, while a status panel lets you know what the units is doing at a glance and low temperature operation is also included as standard
With all this in mind, the MCSe7.3 has reset the standard for portable split air cooling equipment.

Nominal duty: 7.3kW
Water cooled split
The most efficient form of portable air conditioning
Variable fan speed
Thermostatic control
Condensate pump
Low temperature operation
Can be positioned up to 35M away from outdoor unit
Ideal for server rooms and data centers

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The flagship model in the range builds on the legacy of the MCM350, the unit that invented high volume portable cooling, with a complete update.
Promising up to 9kW of cooling, low GWP refrigerant, low temperature operation and manageable 200MM exhaust duct that can be run over 10M, the MCe9.0 has redefined what should be expected of portable air conditioning.
Similar to the MCe6.0, the MCe9.0 also uses a high efficiency EC impeller to powerfully exhaust the condenser air through 10M of lightweight, manageable 200MM ducting. Lockable castors make the unit easy to move into place while the digital thermostat, dual directional cold air outlets and fully variable fan speed control give the MCe9.0 true versatility.
Capable of operating down to 10C this all new addition to our range promises an unrivalled 9kW of cooling from a single standard 13A supply: More cooling, less impact.
Nominal duty: 9kW
Exhaust over 10M
Directional airflow
Dual cooling outlets
High efficiency EC fan technology
Variable fan speed control
Digital thermostatic control
Lockable castors
Lightweight ducting
Low GWP refrigerant

Click here to see the MCe9.0


The most powerful water cooled split on the market, the MCSe14.6 takes everything the MCSe7.3 has to offer then doubles it, with the exception of the footprint as special attention has been paid to ensure the MCSe14.6 can squeeze into the often overcrowded environs of places such as data centres. With a massive 14.6kW cooling duty, powerful EC fan technology for improved efficiency and low GWP refrigerant combining to deliver cool air in large volumes the MCWSe14.6 ensures maximum efficiency, minimum environmental impact and high volume cooling from a single 240V supply.
As with the MCSe7.3 the MCSe14.6 doesn’t require any ducting and the main unit can be sited up to 35M from the outdoor section allowing it to be sited deep within a building. Heavy duty lockable castors on both indoor and outdoor sections allow the units to be easily moved into place while the strong steel case ensure it’s up to daily site use and perfect for hire fleets.
Fully controllable via variable fan speed and a digital thermostat the MCSe14.6 is can be tailored to suit any application and is ideal for data centres, factories, storage warehouses, events and other large scale cooling jobs.
Nominal duty: 14.6kW
Water cooled split
Most efficient form of portable air conditioning available
Low GWP refrigerant
Digital thermostatic control
Variable fan speed
Twin EC forward curved fans
Lockable castors
Condensate pump

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Coming Soon:

Having lead the charge on lowering the impact of large portable air conditioning units, we have now turned our attention to commercial dehumidifiers. Keep checking for details on the forthcoming CRe80 and CRe55 dual voltage dehumidifiers, which will also utilize our new low GWP technology.
The website also features details on our full range of equipment, including industrial fan heaters, fan coil units, portable boilers, cooling fans, ventilation fans and infra-red space heaters.