Air Handling Units and Boilers


At Broughton EAP, we offer a wide range of air handling units and boilers to meet a host of needs. Space constraints have made the challenge of cooling areas such as server rooms and data centres much bigger over the years, which means companies and organisations are always seeking out new ways to reduce the amount of floor space they require. The units that we offer have vastly reduced footprints and can easily fit through a standard doorway, with the ErP compliant fans that we offer maximising energy efficiency and meeting even the biggest demands.

A host of features

We offer three-way valves, thermostatic control and condensate pumps as standard, with the multi-speed fans offering a whisper-quiet setting that makes them ideal for use in environments where noise is an essential consideration. Air handling units recondition and circulate air as parts of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. They can improve the quality of air inside the workspace, with the air being heated or cooled.

The AHU30 and AHU50

The AHU30 air handling unit is an ideal match for environments with limited space. The system is capable of delivering 30kW of cooling and can be used with your current chiller or heat pump. The modest size and weight of the unit mean it can be installed by a single operative, with no heavy installation gear or forklifts required. There are various multiple fan speeds to choose from, whilst the thermostatic control enables performance to be tailored towards any need. The AHU50 version of the unit delivers 50kw of cooling.

The HPW Portable Boilers

Our HPW portable boilers are ideal for testing underfloor heating systems, drying concrete floors, central heating and hot water provision. They come complete with a fully programmable digital control as well as a trolley, pump and various safety features including high and low pressure cut outs, over temperature cutout and expansion tank. With 18kW and 36kW options available, both models can be supplied as heating only or heating and hot water and use induction heating rather than resistive to ensure a smoother, more efficient heating supply. As with all Broughton equipment these rugged units have been designed and built with industrial use in mind.

The WB22

The WB22 is an ideal match for those seeking a portable version of a traditional central heating boiler. With this solution, our customers can provide central heating at events, test the efficiency of underfloor heating and quicken the process of drying out new concrete floors. The most recent version of the WB22 has a programmable digital control and it’s also possible to obtain a separate hot water kit to work with the system.

About Broughton EAP

At Broughton EAP, we have been supplying air handling units, heaters and boilers for several years. We introduced the world’s very first 10kW 13A air conditioner many years ago and were one of the first companies to offer high-efficiency EC fans in portable air conditioning. You can contact us at any point if you do have any queries about any of the products that we offer or if you need any help with choosing the ideal solution for your business needs, no matter how big they are compared to domestic requirements. To contact today, simply send a message to or call +44(0)1527 830610.