Industrial Dehumidifiers

What are Industrial Dehumidifiers?

A dehumidifier is a machine that removes excess moisture from the air. An industrial dehumidifier is the same except it is made to be used in a commercial setting. An industrial dehumidifier is built to be transported and used in several hard wearing locations.

How do Industrial Dehumidifiers work?

Humidity can cause a lot of problems, dampness in the walls can lead to mould and can be detrimental to the structural integrity of a building, or cause health problems. The industrial dehumidifier starts by pulling the moist air from a room and into a chamber with a rotating wheel. The wheel is made up of a water absorbing material, so as the air passes through the moisture is collected. The air is pulled in through a fan, controlled by an electric motor. Then the dry air is blown out into the room.

What are the applications of Industrial Dehumidifiers?

Depending on the industry your business is in, there are different reasons why you may need an industrial dehumidifier. It could be to keep vital components in machinery from malfunctioning,or to maintain high levels of hygiene. Damp conditions help breed harmful bacteria.

Application of Industrial Dehumidifiers in different industries

Electronics manufacturing

Electronic devices are vulnerable to moisture, and during the manufacturing process, it is even more critical to keep the air in the environment dry. An industrial dehumidifier minimises the risk of moisture in the air causing damage to newly built technology.

Museums and libraries

A lot of historical artifacts are made from natural fibres such as paper or cotton. As these materials are highly hygroscopic, a humid environment the term hygroscopic means that a substance absorbs moisture from the air.


Medication is firstly made into a powder and is very hygroscopic. If the air is not dry then the moisture could cause biochemical reactions or even cause other microorganisms to grow and contaminate the medication.

Benefits of using Industrial Dehumidifiers

Reducing humidity can make a big difference in many different ways. These are as follows.

Regulate quality of products

In regards to storage of products, moisture can severely affect the level of quality of the product. If you are storing hygroscopic materials next to each other, an industrial dehumidifier for warehouses can stop them fusing together.

Prevent condensation

Condensation can be one of the most detrimental elements in many industries. Industrial dehumidifiers for warehouses dry out the air and can protect products. More importantly condensation can get into vital equipment for your business. Liquid and technology are a bad mix and it can cause corrosion, increasing maintenance costs long term.

What size Industrial Dehumidifiers do Broughton supply?

The range of humidifiers Broughton EAP provides come in different sizes depending on your needs. A large industrial dehumidifier is better for much bigger spaces such as warehouses. Each industrial dehumidifier’s performance is identified by the cubic metres it can treat. Small commercial dehumidifiers are usually cheaper and are more than serviceable for an office space environment.