18kw Electric Heaters

If you’re looking for a high-capacity heating solution to provide warmth quickly, then a 18kw electric heater can be a practical choice. This robust heater can deliver 18,000 watts of power, making it suitable for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

18kw Electric Heater: The key features

18kw heaters are effective heating solutions in larger spaces that can be difficult to heat. 18Kw electric heaters will typically allow for adjustable temperature settings, making it possible to provide concentrated heat where needed or a more ambient temperature.

18kw heaters have a robust, durable construction making them able to withstand tough working environments, such as factories and warehouses. They will also feature advanced safety features to ensure safe, secure and reliable operation.

If you’re looking to provide consistent, safe and reliable heat in a larger space or challenging industrial environments, an 18kw electric heater has the power to deliver.

The Applications & Benefits

An 18kw heater can provide effective heating for spaces that are often considered to be unheatable. This can include warehouses, marquees, and larger industrial facilities. They have the power to provide a comprehensive heating solution, even during cold weather, and can be used to create a more comfortable working environment. They can also be used to provide temporary heating for outdoor events during the colder months.

The portability of 18kw electric heaters adds to their versatility, allowing them to be positioned where the need for extra heat is at its greatest. 18kw heaters are also often used on construction sites and can be used to assist with drying and heating.

The advantages of 18kw electric heaters

The high power output of 18kw electric heaters gives them a key advantage over some of the alternatives. This degree of power ensures they can provide rapid and substantial warmth even in the most challenging of circumstances. They can efficiently raise the temperature of a larger space.

Because they are electric, they are simple to use wherever there is an electrical power source. There’s no need for fuel storage or extensive maintenance and they are safer and cleaner than heating options powered by other fuel alternatives.

Efficient and effective 18kw electric heaters from Broughton EAP

At Broughton EAP, we’ve built a reputation for producing durable, effective and efficient heating solutions. With a commitment to manufacturing excellence, Broughton EAP 18kw heaters are made to last.

All of our heaters are fully serviceable and have full spare parts availability. This helps to ensure that with regular servicing and maintenance you can continue to enjoy the benefits of your 18kw electric heater. All of our products come with full technical support and a 2-year warranty for added peace of mind.

With their high wattage and overall efficiency, 18kw heaters from Broughton Electro Air Products are powerful and versatile appliances for a range of applications.

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