Industrial Portable Heater

There are many great reasons for investing in industrial portable heaters for your business. An industrial portable heater can provide your team with all the comfort and warmth they need to complete their tasks to the highest standard and can help you reduce your fuel bills at the same time. At Broughton EAP, we offer a wide range of industrial electric space heaters, including a number of solutions from the Fireflo range.

A range of applications

The industrial portable heaters that we supply are suitable for most industrial and commercial applications and customers. These include construction, dockyards and shipbuilding, power stations, factories and warehouses, mining, forges, processing plants, events and marquees, schools, military installations, hospitals, exhibition halls, hospitals and more.

Withstanding daily challenges

Our Fireflo heaters have found their way into a wide range of industrial supply catalogues and hire fleets. The heaters offer the latest heating and airflow technology, and we are able to supply you with standard fan heaters, infrared heaters and high volume machines which can be ducted through a number of outlets or long distances. Each portable heater that we supply is designed to withstand the challenges presented by industrial use, offering a safe, clean, fume-free alternative to diesel and gas. The Mighty Heat Industrial Series enables users to duct to 15m from a single unit and now comes complete with integrated spigots manufactured from high gauge steel.

Affordable durability

Portable heaters are built upon basic principles and are noted for their affordability and durability. The portable heaters supplied by Broughton EAP require minimal maintenance and can last for many years before they need to be replaced. They warm up in a minimal time frame and are ideal for those that need to move solutions around areas with minimal fuss. Space heaters can be used outdoors as well as outdoors and have simplified systems. If you don’t have the space to install a full heating system or only have a limited budget, a space heater such as the FF80 may well be the right solution for your needs.

Why Broughton EAP?

Broughton EAP is a market-leader when it comes to electro-air products. We specialise in the design, manufacture and provision of portable air conditioning and heating products. Having been a leading player in our field for over three decades, we can be counted on to deliver the cost-efficient and dependable solutions that you require. We manufacture first-class heating solutions for customers around the world and are always able to tailor our products to meet the conditions of the territories where they are to be used. What’s more is that our after sales service is second-to-none, with spare parts always being available and engineers on hand to assist you whenever required.

Contact us

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