Check In & Fashion House

At Broughton EAP we’ve been in the business of manufacturing portable industrial air conditioning, industrial fan heaters, infra red heaters, large cooling fans, ventilation fans and dehumidifiers for almost forty years. Over that time we’ve been able to develop our expertise and have been able to help out with some of the countries most well known organisations. Here we look at some of the more interesting applications were portable industrial fan heaters have been used.

The Self Service Check-In.

Under the busy skies of the South East lies the worlds most efficient single runway airport, Gatwick. Accommodating up to 45 million (45,000,000) holiday makers, business people and travelers every year Gatwick Airport is an essential park of the UK’s communications infrastructure. Handling around 40% of those forty five million flights is easyJet who is 2015 pioneered the use of self service check ins at Gatwick.

Despite the revolutionary project costing Stavros in excess of £35M,it proved so successful that it quickly caught the eyes of various other commercial carriers, who had already held early stage discussions with the airport about also introducing them for their customers. However, as it was still early days the airports primary concern was in making improvements to the existing facility,especially the customer experience, a big part of which was climate control.

Having come into service during the latter part of the year it was incredibly important that customers were kept warm whilst waiting to check in, however the permanent heating system had not yet been commissioned. As the colder months drew nearer the facilities management team in charge of the area looked for a low maintenance, easy to install heat source to keep travelers happy while they checked in.

After discussions with climate control experts the Airport decided on 3 phase industrial fan heaters. These plug and play units could be easily and discreetly installed near the entrance doors to safely produce the necessary warm air without causing an obstruction.

Three phase industrial electric fan heaters were ideal for the job as they’re able to produce large volumes or warm, dry air within seconds of being switched on. Because they’re electric don’t produce any unpleasant fumes, odors exhaust gasses or naked flames, unlike gas or diesel heaters.

Having these units on site over the bitter winter months meant everyone arriving at the airport was able to check in warmth and comfort despite the outside temperatures.

Fashion House

As one of the worlds most iconic, well known and stylish cities London has always enjoyed it’s status at the heart of the fashion industry. However just like the rest of us, even fashion houses aren’t immune to the problems of faulty central heating.

When the central heating system at the offices of one of the worlds most well known and renowned designers needed urgent repairs, the staff needed keeping warm.Heat is an essential part of a comfortable working environment with the HSE code of practice suggesting a minimum temperature of 16°C and the management were concerned about the effects of being without heating on an entire floor of their offices.

After discussing their requirements, resources a three phase electric industrial fan heater was recommended. Having already ascertained the office had a suitable supply these relatively small portable units could be installed quickly and easily without any fuss, plus they could deliver a big enough amount of warm air to keep staff comfortable across the entire and floor above the HSE set minimum.

One of the primary benefits to three phase heaters is that you can get the same heat from one unit that you would from a number of smaller ones, which helps reduce the amount of floor space used and keeps trip hazards from cables to a minimum.With this and the large volume heat delivery they are especially useful in ‘medium sized’ applications such as retail outlets, workshops and industrial units.

Broughton EAP, we have been designing, developing and manufacturing industrial portable heating and cooling systems for over three decades. We are passionate about innovation and have been involved in projects for a host of leading organisations, including the Ministry of Defence, the Bugatti Owners Club, Eon, Andrews Sykes and HSS. You can get in touch with us at any point if you do have queries about our industrial heaters including our popular construction site friendly 110v solutions. Whether you’re in need of a large fan heater for a specialist application or something more modestly-sized, we’re confident we can meet your needs. You can reach us today by calling +44(0)1527 830610 or by sending a quick message to