Portable AC Unit

At Broughton EAP, we are experts in supplying state-of-the-art portable air conditioning units to suit a whole host of working environments and industries. There are a huge number of advantages attached to investing in the right industrial conditioning systems, not least helping the health of your workforce. When you have the right commercial AC units in place, you  enhance air quality, reduce illnesses by eliminating bacteria, allergens and dust and distribute warmth and coolness appropriately. This in turn heightens productivity and comfort, cultivating a more satisfied and professional workplace.

Decades of Innovation

We have been designing, manufacturing and supplying industrial air conditioning solutions for over four decades. After our foundation in 1979, we have constantly adapted our approach and invested in pioneering new solutions to cater for the ever-changing and expanding needs of our customers. Our current industrial air conditioning systems are designed to provide you with all the energy-efficiency you require, including fantastic efficiency ratings, ErP compliance, EC fans and the latest low GWP refrigerant technology. We can supply a wide range of valuable solutions, including monobloc packages, portable water-cooled split systems and industrial evaporative coolers.

Types of Portable Industrial Air Conditioning

THE MCe6.0

The MCe6.0 monobloc is a low GWP unit able to provide 6.5kW of chilled air to two areas at the same time, and is an ideal match for environments such as events, data centres, offices and retail outlets. This commercial air conditioning unit comes with insulated exhaust duct and directional cooling duct outlets, and is supplied with a two-year warranty.

THE MCe9.0

The largest monobloc in its field, the MCe9.0 is capable of supplying about 9kW of chilled air to two areas simultaneously, and comes with features such as variable fan speed and a thermostat. The product comes with insulated exhaust duct and directional cooling outlets. The MCe9.0 is also able to keep working in lower ambient temperatures, down to around 15C – cooler than most industrial portable air conditioning units. As with the MCe6.0, the MCe9.0 uses low GWP technology and comes with a two-year warranty.


Our compact MCSe7.3 system offers all the benefits of a water-cooled split as it uses water to remove heat as opposed to air. This type of industrial air con unit avoids the derating effect of the condenser synonymous with traditional systems making it incredibly efficient, and is able to provide up to 7.3kW of chilled air. You can store your main unit as far as 30-metres away from the outdoor section, with the system coming complete with a 5-metre umbilical line. The MCSe14.6 is a first class leading portable 14.6kW unit, designed to provide comfort and contentment to workforces across and outside of the UK.


Finally, our pioneering COMCOOL evaporative cooling system is a large volume, robust and heavy duty evaporative cooler that can produce the equivalent of 20kW of cooling from just 2A by harnessing the cooling effect of evaporation. You can either feed the system directly from a tap or use the internal 90l tank. The system is an ideal match for environments where traditional air conditioning systems cannot meet requirements, such as outdoor areas and large warehouses. The commercial air conditioning unit comes with features including a water filter, a tank purge system, locking casters and submersible pump.

Get In Touch

Portable air con systems are ideal for environments where emergency, back up or additional cooling is needed for guests, staff or even processes on either a permanent or temporary basis. If you’re looking for an AC manufacturing company, we can provide you with the perfect industrial air conditioning products and cooling fans no matter what your needs or budget are, including energy-efficient systems with low running costs. We can also provide spare parts and help with maintenance whenever required. To find out more about our various air conditioning systems, simply contact us today by calling +44(0)1527 830610 or send a message to sales@broughtoneap.co.uk.