Portable Electric Heater

What is a portable electric heater?

Portable electric heaters can be categorised in to two different categories; industrial electric space heaters, and domestic portable electric heaters. Industrial electric space heaters in the UK are harder wearing and heavy duty, befitting the environment they are used in.

Industrial electric space heaters

The benefits of the best portable electric heater, is that there are no naked flames. The heat is generated through converting the electrical current into heat energy through resistors. Which is a must regarding safety. Industrial settings can be tough on tools, and a fire is a health and safety hazard. Not only that, if the ventilation in the work area is poor then a fire would release carbon monoxide into the room and is detrimental to your health.

How do they work?

The best portable electric heaters use no naked flame which makes them safer overall. For a more localised heat, the portable electric heater uses halogen bulbs to create heat. For a larger heat dispersion, the heat is created by heating wire components known as coils.

What the difference between domestic and industrial?

In many instances; choosing between domestic and industrial electric heaters in the UK comes down to application. Industrial portable electric heaters are going to be more power hungry than domestic options, but even the best domestic portable electric heater will struggle to heat larger spaces. The domestic portable electric heaters are good for a localised area, but if you are using them in larger rooms such as warehouses, you will need to go industrial.

Moreover, domestic appliances are designed to look nicer in the home setting. Thinner and lighter plastics look nicer but are nowhere near as durable as their industrial electric space heater counterparts. Being moved around and kicked about is going to be a real issue in a working environment so looks are less important than durability.

What does Broughton offer?

Broughton EAP has a wide range of portable electric heaters for all industrial spaces. Depending on your needs, you may need one that can have ducts installed, or one that is more localised to a work area.


A powerful industrial electric space heater, the FFHT32 can deliver high volumes of air over long distances with ducting. It can deliver a delta T up to 75 degrees C of temperature.

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Fully portable option, as it comes on wheel, the RG308/13 is a localised electric heater which is great for larger spaces with few staff or places like garages that have large doors open to the elements all day. It also runs power from a standard UK socket.

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A very heavy duty portable electric heater; designed to endure consistent and rigorous use on site. It boasts an internal thermometer and temperature control protection.

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IFH15 Industrial Electrical Fan Heater

A three-phase electric fan, the IFH15 is capable of generating 15kW of heat! Finished with enamel for extra protection, this portable electric heater is ideal for large industrial areas.

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Why should someone choose Broughton?

Broughton EAP has a rich 30-year history in design, development and manufacturing. From portable electric heaters to air conditioning, Broughton offers everything in between. Our services are to the highest standard and have a solution for any industrial electric space heater need in the UK!