Portable Fan Heater

What is a portable fan heater?

There are almost countless different types of heaters in the world; from portable fan heaters to large gas heaters. Depending on the application, each has benefits and limitations. A portable fan heater is simply a heater used to heat the air in the room, not necessarily of an individual. They are quick to reach temperature and the fan helps move the heat around the air.

What are the other types of portable heaters?


The most common industrial portable fan heaters are electric. The element in the unit is heated up and the fan distributes the hot air into the room.


Portable oil heaters can be more cost effective than electric ones, but they operate like a more conventional radiator. By which they use convection to heat a room. The oil is thermodynamic and doesn’t power the radiator, it still uses electricity to warm the oil to temperature.


Gas heaters use a system where you load a canister into them to fuel the heat. The ignition is still electric, but the gas is used to create the heat as opposed to a heating element or oil.

What are the benefits of an electric portable fan heater?

There are a few benefits to using an electric portable fan heater. Depending on your business needs, you may need the ability to move them from site to site.


One of the best aspects of a portable electric fan heater is they do not need any installation. There is no need for complicated systems to move air around and they are energy efficient. Make sure they are on a secure plain and simply plug it in.


You can opt to use a one of the many heating types and you are not limited to one fuel type. The portable fan heater is as flexible as you need them to be. Not only that, due to being portable, they can be moved to where they are needed. The portable fan heater isn’t routed down to one spot and can be taken to multiple job sites, warehouses and offices.


Portable fan heaters are equipped with very important safety features. Most will have a switch on the bottom that turns off the unit when depressed. Turning off the heater to stop it from overheating. Overheating could cause damage to the property or even start a fire.

Heat supplementation

Sometimes warehouses can get cold, even with existing heating infrastructure. A portable fan heater can help supplement the heating in bigger areas to make it more temperate. Localising pockets of heat where it is required.

Why would you choose Broughton for your portable fan heater?

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