• 2,300 M3/hr airflow
  • Fan Only/12kW/18kW settings
  • 3ph+N+E 32A appliance inlet
  • 50⁰C Temperature rise
  • Full Overtemp protection
  • Inline filter fitted as standard
  • Recessed control panel with lockable cover
  • Comes with remote and chassis mounted thermostat
  • Inflatable, lightweight, flame retardant distributor gives 360⁰ heating

All new high performance workshop heater FFVH32. High volume airflow, superb DeltaT and 360⁰ coverage from a single unit allows one unit to be used instead of many. Can also be used as part of a drying system to help reduce drying times in construction. The innovative new diffuser is lightweight, easy to store, can be easily washed and is made from fire retardant material that conforms to EN13501 B-S1-d0. Available from September 2019.

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