Event Heating

With over forty years experience in the design, manufacture and supply of portable electric fan heaters, industrial fan heaters and HVAC equipment, our units sometimes find their way into some unusual applications.

Case study 1:

The Challenge

When the organisers of a prestigious London Fashion Show realised the fixed heating system in the venue they’d hired to host the event wasn’t up to the job they needed help, and fast. With reputations in the notoriously fickle fashion industry hard won but easily lost this was a make or break application.

The solution

With reputations on the line and panic in the air an application engineer was quickly despatched to site from one of our distributors to review the requirements and make recommendations. Not only did the site need additional heating, due to the type of event there were also very specific requests from the client that meant any solution had to be easily installed, discreet and fume free to ensure the safety and comfort of everybody there.The equipment also had to be easily concealed within the existing set design so it didn’t detract from the show and the only impact was comfortable,controllable temporary heat. With all that in mind the engineer quickly established that twenty two 18kW industrial Electric Fan heaters were needed to meet this very usual and highly specific job spec. By using electric fan heaters instead of gas or diesel they could deliver safe, dry heat without having to worry about fumes, as demanded by the client,and they couldalso do it quietly and effectively, plus they could easily be discreetly installed under the stage area itself and therefore hidden out of view.

The Result

A happy client and successful show. By supplying the electric fan heaters used Broughton EAP were happy to be involved in helping someone out in their hour of need.

Case study 2:

The Challenge

An ex-Royal Mail ship moored by Tower Bridge was to be used as the venue to launch a new and exciting ‘extreme’ form of electric car racing. With the event happening in January and an international guest list including journalists, support staff and even an internationally well known explorer and environmentalist then the organiser needed a temporary heating solution to ensure the comfort of everyone there.

The Solution

After application engineers from one of our trusted distributors and the project manager met on site to review the specific requirements of this unusual application the decision was made to use a number of 42kW industrial electric fan heaters. With large heating capacities, high volume airflow and manageable sizes these units could deliver the required level of warmth and be easily installed within the ships cargo hold. As this was an enclosed space then the client was insistent on electric heating as unlike diesel or gas heating it doesn’t generate toxic fumes or have naked flames, plus with a number of heat settings they were able to provide the user with greater flexibility which not only gave them the ability to increase or decrease heat depending on need, it also meant potential cost saving and environmental credentials.

The Result

The units were delivered to site and installed by the distributors expert team. With everyone warm and comfortable despite being in a boat on the Thames in January, this unusual event went off without a hitch and meant all anyone was talking about was the exciting new Extreme E series due to start in January 2021.

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