Industrial Electric Space Heaters

Product Applications

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  • Hire Companies
  • Builders
  • Construction Firms
  • Procurement Managers
  • Facility Management
  • Wholesalers & Resellers
  • The industry standard Fireflo range of portable infra red space heaters and fan heaters is a fixture in many of the worlds leading hire fleets and industrial supply catalogues. Designed using the very latest in heating and airflow technology the range includes infra red heaters, standard fan heaters and high volume machines suitable for ducting through multiple outlets or long distances. All suitable for ducting through multiple outlets or long distances. All built to withstand industrial use using the same high spec of materials and production methods this extensive range has something to suit every application and is an ideal safe, clean, fume free alternative to gas and diesel.
  • With the ability to duct to 10m from a single unit, the ever popular Mighty heat Industrial Series now offers integrated spigots made from the same high quality, high gauge steel as the rest of the unit and fabricated as an intrinsic part of the chassis rather than a separate item. The new “one size” fits all spigot standardises the FF13 and FF29 meaning customers can now use the same ducting on multiple applications

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Product Specs

Product USP

Standard Flat Grill Version

Heat Capacity 10,236 BTU Approx

Airflow Rate 423m³/hr

Fan Type Radial Supply 110v or 230v 50hz

Plug Size 32A (110v) 13A (230v) Sound (3m) 25dB(A)

Spigot 200mm Mobility Portable

Remote Thermostat optional

Dimensions HxWxD (mm) 360x300x330

Weight 10kG

Overtemp protection Yes

Max Ducting 2m

  • An extra tough unit designed and built to withstand the rigours of regular site use. Features include an adjustable thermostat and over temperature protection as standard while the optional spigot allows the user to fit up to 2m of ducting. Available in 110x 32A and 230v 13A models.

Twin Spigot Version

Heat Capacity 30,708 BTU Ampage 11a

Approx Airflow Rate 1017m³/hr

Fan Type FC Impellor

Supply 3 phase 400v 50hz

Plug Size 16A

Sound (3m) 55dB(A)

Spigot 250mm

Mobility Portable

Remote Thermostat Optional

Dimensions HxWxD (mm) 380x300x450

Weight 18kG

Overtemp Protection Yes

Max Ducting 10m

  • A Powerful, industrial 16A heater. Built to withstand the rigours of regular site use with features including an adjustable thermostat and over temperature protection as standard while the optional single or double spigot outlets can provide warm air either along 10M of ducting or two separate area’s. A clean, odourless and fume free alternative to gas and diesel heaters.



Heat Capacity 18kW

1533m3/hr Airflow

Ductable to 10m

Fast fume & odour free heat

32A 400V 3ph supply

75C Temperature rise

Two Heat Settings

Includes remote stat & square to round adaptor


  • A powerful industrial electric fan heater capable of ducting long distances and delivering high volume airflows with a delta T of 75C, or even holding a room at 60C. Along with delivering an impressive heat output, the unit boasts a full range of safety features and accessories as standard including over temperature protection, remote & machine mounted thermostats, duct adaptor, locking 4 point castors, multiple heat settings, 5 pin 32A mains cable, as well as a 2 year warranty as standard.
1.5kW Industrial Heater

Plug type 16A 110v

Built for industrial use

Adjustable thermostat

  • The lightweight yet durable IFH2 Electric Fan Heater delivers 1.5 kW of heat, and are ideal for areas such as building sites and temporary buildings where only a 16A 110v supply is available.
110V 32A supply

3kW Infra red heater

Quartz halogen Bulbs

Lockable castors

  • The fully portable RG308/32 provides localised heat for operatives or processes when traditional heat isn’t an option. Runs from a standard 110V 32A supply and features industry standard halogen bulbs, two heat settings, a reduced glow and a high quality build specification, as well as an anti tilt switch for added safety.
2,300 M3/hr airflow

Fan Only/12kW/18kW settings

3ph+N+E 32A appliance inlet

50⁰C Temperature rise

Full Overtemp protection

Inline filter fitted as standard

Recessed control panel with lockable cover

Comes with remote and chassis mounted thermostat

  • All new high performance workshop heater FFVH32. High volume airflow, superb DeltaT and 360⁰ coverage from a single unit allows one unit to be used instead of many. Can also be used as part of a drying system to help reduce drying times in construction. The innovative new diffuser is lightweight, easy to store, can be easily washed and is made from fire retardant material that conforms to EN13501 B-S1-d0. Available from September 2019.