Theatre PAC Case Study

People love a good trip to the theatre but it sometimes during the summer it might not be quite as much fun as you’d like, for either the audience or the performers. Theatres are often house in older or heritage buildings with poor ventilation, no air conditioning and a fixed, permanent HVAC system is not an option. It’s applications like these where the Broughton portable air conditioning range come into themselves. With powerful airflow’s of up to 2000M3/hr and cooling duties up to 15kW, the Mighty Cool range of industrial portable air conditioning units can be quickly deployed to help out in an emergency.

The Solution

Often in town centre’s with restricted access, limited space and no windows in the auditorium, keeping theatre goers cool and fresh is a challenging job at the best of times, but it’s especially difficult during the summer months.

As last year’s heatwave hit and with sell out performances to manage, one theatre was desperately worried about the comfort of their audience. They needed something that could be installed quickly, easily and with the minimum amount of fuss so as not to disrupt the performances. After discussing the requirement with a specialist Broughton distributor it was quickly decided they needed eight portable water cooled split air conditioners as they’re are quiet in operation, have a compact footprint and simply plug in and go. Plus as the cooling part of the unit could be sited within the auditorium and the outdoor section could be placed out of window some 30M away, it reduced the risk of noise and guaranteed no heat would come back into the room.

The Result

With a large stock of portable heating and cooling equipment available for immediate dispatch from our Redditch factory the distributor was able to have air conditioning collected, installed and providing cool air within 24hrs of the initial telephone call.

With over 40 years experience in the design, build and supply of portable heating, cooling, drying and ventilation equipment we have a unique understanding of the leisure and events markets, our distributors have supplied Might Cool portable air conditioning for weddings, marquees, theatres, festivals, pop up events, graduation ceremonies and every other type of environment where groups of people need to be kept comfortable.

Case study 2.

Every year thousands of people visit sporting venue’s across the country to see their heroes in action, but they might not realise what goes on behind the scenes to keep everyone cool, calm and fresh. When high profile events are held inside during heat waves there can be all sorts of knock on effects which can not only compromise spectator enjoyment but also competitor performance.

The challenge

One of the highest profile events in snooker happens annually in a theatre where the combination of large numbers of people, lighting and electrical broadcast equipment coupled with a heatwave lead to stifling conditions. Not good for either the audience or the competitors. When the event organisers realised they needed a temporary, portable cooling solution quickly they called a climate control specialist.

The solution

Using the expert knowledge acquired through many years of training and experience an engineer was quickly able to ascertain the cooling duty requirement and put the client’s mind at rest. Three water cooled split portable air conditioners would be enough to keep everything cool, two for the main area where the action was and another backstage to keep the press happy. With quiet operation. 7.3kW of cooling and running on a standard 13A electrical supply they were perfect for the job and didn’t require any specialist electrical supplies, plus the condensate would be efficiently pumped away meaning there was no downtime while the tank was emptied.

The result

With all the relevant equipment available from stock the supplier was able to get the units on site and installed twenty four hours before the first matches, meaning there was no disruption to the event and no complaints at all.