What is a 3kW industrial fan heater?

A fan heater is a type of heater that pushes hot air into the room; an industrial 3kW industrial heater is a more powerful fan assisted heater made from stronger materials such as powder coated steel rather than plastic, and also provides more heat through airflow in bigger rooms. Ideal for use in warehouses, factories, building sites or logistics hubs.

Why would you use a fan heater 3kW?

Fan heaters are commonly used as the preliminary source of heat in certain workplaces, such as on building sites, where conventional heating isn’t an option. They can also be used alongside other heating types, to supplement them if required. An industrial fan heater will produce greater airflows than a domestic alternative so can help the room get up to temperature quicker. Buying a cheaper 2kW fan heater is good for small domestic properties, but they might struggle to have a meaningful impact in a larger environment plus they will not last as long as in industrial or commercial applications. Due to a 3kW electric fan heater having heavier duty build and components they can far outlast domestic equivalents.

Where would you use a fan heater 3kW?

In any environment where it’s safe to do so and you need heat! Although designed to be as safe as possible industrial fan heaters should never really be left to run indefinitely and unattended, as with any other type of heater.

What 3kW industrial fan heaters do Broughton Offer?


The FF3 is a fan heater 3kW that is extra tough, and built specifically to withstand the hard conditions of a construction site. The FF3 comes in either 230V or 32A 110V, with a 1.5kW 110V 16A version also available. Each model comes with an adjustable thermostat for control and temperature protection. They can also be fitted with a short length of ducting if required.

A 3kW fan heater might not always be the best option for a particular application, if so a quartz halogen infra red heater might be better suited:

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The RG308 range of industrial quartz halogen heaters that deliver warmth and heat to whatever is in front of them. Unlike fan heaters infra red heaters don’t heat the air only solid objects, and so are ideal for large area’s where you only have isolated operatives or somewhere like a garage where the doors are open all the time. As infra red heaters only heat solid objects they can be positioned in the relevant workspace to keep your staff warm without trying to raise the overall temperature of the building. Available in 230V 13A, 110V 16A or 110V 32A the RG308 uses two industry standard halogen bulbs to supply up to 3kW of heat. It also comes with 2 heat settings and an anti-tilt switch to make sure it is safe.

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The fully portable RG308/32 provides localised heat for operatives or processes when traditional heat isn’t an option. Runs from a standard 110V 32A supply and features industry standard halogen bulbs, two heat settings, a reduced glow and a high quality build specification, as well as an anti tilt switch for added safety.

See more about the RG308/32

Which one do you need?

Well that depends on the application as each option offers solutions to different scenarios. If you’ve got an enclosed space where you want to raise the overall temperature then it’s an industrial fan heater you need. However, if you’ve got something like a distribution warehouse with, say, one work station then an RG infra red quartz halogen heater will be the better option.

If however you are still unsure as to which heater would be right for you then we’re on hand to help and advise.

Whichever option you choose though, you can rest assured our equipment is ideally suited to industrial applications with rugged steel construction and high quality components that are build to take the use and abuse of daily site use.

Why should someone choose Broughton?

Broughton EAP have a history of 30 years in design, we have a history of adaptation and change. With roots in specialised weapons testing, to the original introduction of the dehumidifier and portable cooling equipment in the UK. Get in touch today!

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