Ducted Fan Heaters

The Mighty Heat range of ducted electric heaters can be ducted to direct the warm air produced to exactly where it’s required, even if they have to stand outside the room. They are designed for being operated in workshops, nurseries, shops, exhibition rooms, warehouses, site huts, or elsewhere on building sites. They are also widely used throughout the event’s industry, retail, leisure and warehousing sectors.

The unrivalled versatility and safe, fume free heat they provide mean they often find themselves in large hire fleets, where they can be deployed quickly in the event of a sudden cold snap, or even during central heating system maintenance or failure.

Once onsite they can produce comfortable heat from autumn to spring or if there is a sudden onset of cold weather. Among the benefits they provide they can be used as frost control, too. Because there are no exhaust fumes, vapours, odours, or bare flames, these duct heaters may be utilised in many applications that gas or diesel heaters cannot.

Because of their powerful fans and unique heat to air design, the Mighty Heat FF heaters can be ducted. Ductable fan heaters provide enhanced versatility because they can be stood outside the are needing heat and duct the heat in.



The heat is dispensed efficiently and in a concentrated way to the ambient air by a powerful fan. They are 100% efficient and the heat can be directed exactly where it is needed.


The electric fan heaters do not use up any oxygen. They do not give off any unpleasant smell at all, and there are no naked flames or toxic fumes so they can also be operated so are ideal for applications with limited or even no ventilation. They are ready for use everywhere there is a power supply, either a permanent one or a temporary one such as a generator. Temperature can be adjusted and is controlled by a thermostat. In summer, they can also be used on fan only to help with ventilating rooms and air circulation, as well.

Robust and safe:

All of our ducted electric heaters are tested and checked before leaving the factory. They all also feature a host of thermal protection devices for safety and peace of mind. These include, bi-metallic over temperature limit stat’s and fail safe manual reset cut outs, as opposed to the automatic types that will keep the unit running even in the event of a catastrophic failure such as fan fail. In addition to this the enclosed heating elements have got a stainless steel jacket, whilst the CNC formed bodies are constructed from mild and galvanized steel sheet and, in addition, have an oven hardened powder coat finish. They are designed for industrial use and built to withstand the rigours of daily site use, as you would expect from a British made ducted electric heater.


Thanks to their compact dimensions, the Mighty Heat ducted electric heaters can be taken everywhere. They also feature locking castors and can easily be moved into position. Our popular ‘32’ models are available in a vertical version that exhausts heat via a 360° diffuser, or the more conventional horizontal version that can also be adapted for operation at high room temperatures required for specialist applications such as thermal pest control.

Temperature sensor:

A remote thermostat with a 5 metre cable comes as standard with some of our duct heaters.

For full details on our range of portable, ductable electric heaters, please visit www.broughtoneap.co.uk or call 01527 830610 and speak to a member of our team.

Our Range of Ducted Fan Heaters

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  • 2,300 M3/hr airflow
  • Fan Only/12kW/18kW settings
  • 3ph+N+E 32A appliance inlet
  • 50⁰C Temperature rise
  • Full Overtemp protection

All new high performance workshop heater FFVH32. High volume airflow, superb DeltaT and 360⁰ coverage from a single unit allows one unit to be used instead of many. Can also be used as part of a drying system to help reduce drying times in construction. The innovative new diffuser is lightweight, easy to store, can be easily washed and is made from fire retardant material that conforms to EN13501 B-S1-d0. Available from September 2019.


  • Heat capacity 18kW
  • 32A 400V 3ph supply
  • 1533m3/hr Airflow
  • 75C Temperature rise
  • Ductable to 10m

The all new FFHT32 are a powerful industrial electric fan heaters capable of ducting long distances and delivering high volume airflows with a delta T of 75C, or even holding a room at 60C.  Built to withstand the knocks of day to day site use, the FFHT32 is ideal for use in factories, events and even as part of a pest control system.  Along with delivering an impressive heat output, the unit boasts a full range of safety features and accessories as standard including over temperature protection, remote & machine mounted thermostats, duct adaptor, locking 4 point castors, multiple heat settings, 5 pin 32A mains cable, as well as a 2 year warranty as standard.


  • Heat capacity 30,708 BTU
  • 16A 400v 3ph supply
  • 830m3/hr Airflow
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Can duct 10M

The FF13. A powerful 16A 3 phase heater designed to withstand the rigours of regular site use with features including an adjustable thermostat and over temperature protection as standard while the optional single or double spigot outlets can provide warm air either along 10M of ducting or to two separate area’s. A clean, odourless and fume free alternative to gas and diesel heaters.


  • 42kW Heater
  • 63A 400V 3ph supply
  • 4000m3/hr Airflow
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Can duct 10M

The most powerful 63A heater available. Designed and built for industrial use the FF42 features variable heat output, 24V control circuit for safety, remote thermostat socket, spigot, overtemperature protection and an auto run on as standard.


  • Full specifications coming soon

Autumn 2022 sees the return of the FF80. This all new fully programmable mega heater delivers 80kW of heat and can be set to either maintain a constant delta T or the overall temperature within an environment. The FF80 will also feature a powerful backward curved EC fan to allow for various airflows and even ducting long distances.