Gym & Office Heat

Here at Broughton we’ve been in portable air conditioning, industrial electric fan heaters, dehumidifiers and ventilation fans for the best part of forty years. Over that time we’ve been involved in any number of applications, from large sites to small offices and everything inbetween. Over this time we’ve developed an unrivalled level of expertise in industrial electric heaters.

With our comprehensive range of portable electric heaters there tends to be something to suit every application.

The Fitness Centre

When a fitness centre in the West Country suffered a problem with it’s central heating system on the eve of a busy weekend the General Manager needed an alternative heat source, and fast. With a large number of visitors expected across the following days there was a real urgency with this job. As with any emergency enquiry these things never happen first thing in the morning, so when the initial call went in to one of our specialist distributors late one afternoon, the client was relieved to find they offered a 24/7 service.

The initial query was professionally handled by a fully trained member of the call response team, who recommended a large 3 phase 40kW industrial electric fan heater be deployed to site. With it’s large heat load and powerful fan this unit had been specifically designed for environments where large volumes of warm air are required. This particular model was deemed particularly suitable because of it’s automatic operation and remote thermostat control function, plus it’s ability to heat up to 1000m3 in volume.

As requested, an engineer from our distributor had the unit on site, powered up and installed on the same day the enquiry went in, despite the call not going in until late afternoon. Needless to say the General Manager was greatly relieved the weekend’s program of spin classes, body balance and body combat could all go ahead, along with the additional festive themed events and activities that were also planned. The heater remained in situ for a month while the centre’s boiler was repaired. Find out more about gym air conditioning here.

The Office

When something goes wrong in the run up to Christmas it can be a real nightmare for Facilities Managers. With the additional shut down period enjoyed by a lot of companies between Christmas Eve and the new year it’s notoriously difficult to get people in for heating repairs etc and Facilities companies spend a lot of money to ensure they’re covered should the worst happen.

When a boiler providing the heat for a large, multi-storey office block in London failed just before Christmas Eve it left one company with facing a very real threat of staff walk out as they couldn’t keep the temperature above the HSE minimum of 16°C. As staff shortages would have left the call centre and vital internet services undermanned over one of their busiest times this was a critical application. This emergency situation required urgent, expert attention from a specialist hire firm with available fleet and 24/7/365 coverage, something which lead the FM company responsible for the block to contact one of our distributors.

In response to the call, fifty 3kW industrial electric fan heaters were immediately dispatched to the building in question. The staff affected by the boiler breakdown were all in sales and admin, so any equipment had to be quiet in operation and be able to run from a standard 13A 230V electrical supply. The quantity also meant that these units could be distributed all over so the heat could be evenly spread throughout the affected area.

For full details on the FireFlo range of industrial electric fan heaters and infra red heaters, or any other part of our heating range such as the portable electric boilers please feel free to contact a member of our expert team on 01527 831610, or simply send us an email to